Baronial Meeting

of the Barony of North Woods

held on November 23, 2009,

in WeldLake

Meeting called to order: 2:27pm

Baron/Baroness: Their Excellencies welcomed everyone and asked that we stay on topic for the meetings so that we could get to the potluck planned for afterwards. They also emphasized the need on keeping the lines of communications open between officers of the barony and the baronial groups. Also sending a letter to the crown concerning 12th Night event in Ealdnordwuda and wants to present them with gift baskets with items that the royals can hand out during their reign.

Minutes of last meeting: None available.

Officer Reports:

Exchequer: Got check from Roaring Waste, and that the barony has over $700 in funds.

Herald: Not present

Chronicler: Needs articles for a newsletter and want to have an electronic edition posted to the Baronial Website. Also asked for seneschal report.

MoA/S: Group A&S officers need to know what their people are doing and in turn need to let their superior officers know what the populous is doing. Recommendations: That each groups seneschal is to remind A&S officer to ask for info; to post on-line a request to was everyone is doing; have a book at every meeting so that they can write in what they are doing.

Webminister: Has been trying to make sure that all the cantons’ of the baronies groups stuff is on the Baronial Calendar—had put in A&S days, and will put anything the entire barony is involved in put on calendar, just send information to web minister.

Also admitted that he is working on getting the previous award page up to date and that there may be several misspellings of just one person but didn’t want to make the assumption as to who they are because there are several people in the Barony that have similar or the same name…example there are a couple of people known as Cat. He asked that anyone with correct information to please forward it to him.

He also asked if the group we want to have a cartography map of the Barony on the site listing what areas we encompass. Because of problems of some of our zip codes no more was discussed on this.

Old Business

No old business.

Group Reports

Ealdnordwuda—Feb 6 having a demo at Mason Middle School and because of change in the academic curriculum, it will be their last time medieval demo there. The group also now has an indoor fighting site they use on Wednesdays. Dancing is still held on Fridays in Dimondale, and the group holds it meetings on Mondays.

Hawkland Moor—They held A&S days at Nigel’s on the 22, and every one made sausage. The only other thing going on is their plans for Wassail in December (more at the event reports.)

Iron Oak—The groups holds meetings on the second Sunday of every month in Durand, and is busy getting ready for their charity event. There have also been randomly scheduled sewing get-togethers that have occurred almost monthly.

Weldlake—The group had put on a good first kingdom children’s event and heard nothing but good things about it. The group is sending out "thank you" scrolls to those who, other groups and non-SCA individuals, that helped at the events. They are also found an indoor practice site and will practice once a month. All three fighting groups are welcome to attend. Their next Gab and Garb on Dec. 14 and is geared towards kids with cookies being made, soap making, and ornament construction planned. Anyone want to do things for the gift baskets are also welcome.

Eastern Fairlight—No one present.

Event Reports

Eastern Fairlight—No one present.

Weldlake—Will be holding a Heralds Point on March 22, 2008 at the Masonic Lodge doors open at 12pm, starts at 1pm. Heralds will be here to help. Scribal arts will also be included. They are also planning to hold "Takes My Child to Raze a Village" again next year, but this time they are looking to hold it on April 18th, 2008. And as usual, they will be hosting the medieval village at the Howell Balloon Fest this year on June 26, 27, and 28.

Iron Oak—The group held "Rain of Arrows" in September and lost money at the event. There were several factors reported going into this: There was a low turn out because of conflict with the Modern wedding of a long time Northwood’s Scadian, the pouring Rain and that the feastocrate went over budget. The group has their annual charity event "Toys" scheduled on Dec. 5th and are currently planning on a Spring Event. Site fee for toys is a new unwrapped toy or $4. The monies from the lunch tavern will go to the group. They have an Event Steward for the spring event but don’t have a name for the event yet or a date set.

Hawkland Moor—The group will be putting on a "Wassail" this year on December 13th. Participants are asked to bring finger foods. They are going with a loose schedule and are planning on a fool’s court, and both a food and costume contest.

Ealdnordwuda—Will be hosting "12th Night" January 3 with a Kingdom Court, their majesties will be in attendance. Classes, feast (please pre-register…limited to 100), and children activities planned. Still looking for teachers. The baron and baroness are collecting gifts for their majesties (check the royal wishlist for ideas) and be having an auction for royal travel fund. Items put in the auction will have a minimum bid set so that something that cost someone $25 to make doesn’t sell for far less. More information is available on their website.

Pentamere Academy of Defense will be Jan. 31 with a focus on Fencing and youth activities. They will be working on unit for rapier, classes for fencers and loaner gear for those interested in checking out rapier combat. All site fees collected go to the site, funds collected from the snack tavern going to group.

The group will be doing a demo at Mason Middle School on Friday Feb.6th from.6am-3pm. This will be the last demo they will be doing here. There is a need for fencers and heavy fighters. All participants get a free school cafeteria meal.

On May 9th will be hosting "Salatoris’ Swingin’ Soiree" an all dancing event. The group is also working on Squires.

It was also noted that North Woods, in 2010, will be having a 40th anniversary and there is talk about having this event in conjunction with Squires. The entire barony needs to be part of this event it isn’t just Ealdnordwuds’ anniversary but also the anniversary of the Barony and the Kingdom. An indoor and outdoor site is needed. Groups that want to be involved need to come up with some ideas by the next meeting. Also raised was should this event be held in the spring?

Seneschal Report:

It is asked that all recommendations be sent to the Baronial Seneschal and Baron/Baronesses so they can put people in also.

All groups were reminded that they are suppose to submit an event report the hosting seneschal after the event. It was noted that Weld Lake event report of "It takes My Child to Raze a Village" not only listed basic information but was useful because it also listed those who went above and beyond.

Next Baronial Council Meetings—looking at March 1, or March 8th to be hosted by Hawkland Moor.

Groups need to post event announcements everywhere…put it out on websites such as myspace, yearbook, etc and any list where we can

Doomsday reports are due soon. Everyone needs to get one in. Dates of when reports are due are on the Kingdom website…. January 10 Seneschal doomsdays are due. Check to make sure you are using the current updated report form.

Incipient groups need to work on becoming full statues. One of the things learned in getting Ealdnordwuda is if its pretty it goes further in the to submit to get to full status. There is also a zip code issue with Iron Oak and Weld Lake. No official documentation has been located that Iron Oak released Livingston Co. zip codes to Weld Lake. The baronial seneschal stated that she would like to have all groups full statues by 40th anniversary.

Meeting adjourned; 4.05

Respectfully Submitted

Morgaine nicFhrannsaidh

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