Minutes from the April 13 Baronial Meeting

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If there are any correction to the following meeting minutes, please let me know...especially on the names of those present. (I had trouble reading the handwriting on the sign-in sheet.


Baronial Meeting of the Barony of North Woods: 4/13/08

Present: Jahana Ara Amat-Al-Hafeeza (Pro-temp Baronial Seneschal), Baroness Dulcinea, Baron Odo, Morgaine nicFhrannsaidh (Iron Oak), Elsbeth nicDougall (Iron Oak), Adelia of Chester (East Fairlight), Arabella Davidson (East Fairlight), Corwyna of Freswick (Ealdnordwuda), Lucien Feartherstone (Ealdnordwuda), Desiderata Bendebow (Ealdnordwuda), Damiana Teresa Isabella Cardona (Hawkland Moor), Finnian MacFinn (Wealdlake), Dragonet the Quiet (Hawkland Moor), Caitilin Logan (Hawkland Moor), Catherine Diaz (Wealdlake/Hawkland Moor), Jacques Boudreault (Wealdlake/Hawkland Moor)

Meeting called to order at 2:10pm



Full Status, thanks to all those who helped so currently the group is officially the oldest and newest group in the Known World. Corwyna is the new seneschal of the group. She had been co- seneschal. They also have new officers. The group's next upping event will be Squires Tourney. The theme is a friendly battle between the England and the Jerusalem. (Live the Dream—type of event). The event will be held April 26 in Lansing. At this even the Baronial Champion for Heavy and Rapier will be determined.
Besides classes and merchants, other activities planned is a Tavern brawl both fencing and heavy. Youth Boffer is also possible depending on space.

The group has also been alternating between business meeting with fun meetings.

Hawkland Moor

Right now the group is focused on getting ready for Tyger Hunt (May 30-June 1). Damiana is one of the co-autocrats. She stated that they are still looking for merchants and people to teach classes. Both Adult and Youth Archery Champion will be chosen at Tyger Hunt.

Smurf shoot is scheduled for July 13.at Kathy and Nigles in Clarkston. Stone soup will be served, so everyone is asked to bring something to contribute.

East Fairlight

The group has turned in its name and device, again. Currently it appears that the name will be changed to East Fairleigh.

The group will be doing lunch tavern at Tyger Hunt and currently working on starting a student group at Macomb Community College. Iron Oak

As everyone noticed there was no spring event. The group is having problems with scheduling with the new location and has plans to this years event to early fall—mid to late August to early September. Plans are still underway for doing Toys this late fall just before the holiday season.

Weald Lake

This group has two events coming up: It Takes My Child to Raze a Village and of course, the Howell Balloonfest.

Howell Balloonfest this year will be from June 27-29. This event is always the last weekend of June and unfortunately it conflicts with Talonvale's Seige event. Finnian reported that last year the Balloonfest had 100 SCA participants…making it the largest SCA demo in Midwest and most merchants make more money than at Pennsic. This year a pig roast is planned but the jousting they had last year has to be moved off the main field because of a complaint about horse manure on the field where the balloons land. Finnian reminded those who want to participate in this demo, they need to be actively doing something as part of the demo. Participants will be allowed on the site for free and just need to get a parking pass from the group.

Group has also had difficulty getting full-status. Finnian stated that even though I got all the work in and just needed signatures, the paperwork has gone into limbo/purgatory to hell and back again. It keeps getting misplaced or lost.


The Baroness stated that incipient groups need too or at least helps if they sends reports to Pentamere Seneschal.

She announced that the current plan is for the Baronial Adult and Children A&S champion will be announced at Tyger Hunt. Baron and Baroness will be going to Regional A&S to help find the Baronial A&S champions.

Issue of Baronial Seneschal—our baronial seneschal was running into problems with her email account and apparently her reports were not making into kingdom, as a result she was a volunteer resignation of office by kingdom. We currently have a seneschal pro-temp. The Baroness pointed out that barony need to have those candidates to declare candidacy in 4 weeks from today to declare for position. The charter states that the seneschal will distribute ballots. (It may be possible to send physical or email ballots.) The voting period last 2 weeks. If we let everyone know today, then those who would want to declare candidacy would have until May 11. It was also noted that if everything went on schedule, it would be possible
for the voting to be done by approximately June 22. However, it was discussed that it might be best to wait until the next general election for officers. Jahan was asked if she would be willing to be interim seneschal until the next general officers election. Those members voted and passed that Jahan be interim Seneschal until the next general election.

Jahan states that she wants to set up a seneschals group for the all the groups in the Barony of Northwood's .

The Baroness stated that they were looking for people who want to be commanders for Pennsic by Squires. They were seeking the populous input for all those who not only were interested in being commanders for Pennsic a but also as to who will be champions for the Barony. It will be more than just who wins the tourney. Thus their Excellencies are looking for impute from populous at all levels to help choose. Also, their Excellencies want a command structure for Fencing for Pennsic this year at the baronial level. If you know anyone who is interested, have him or her contact their
Excellencies. As part of this discussion, Corwyna stated that there was discussion of how this idea is in the works for at Kingdom level. it was noted that some people do not have a group to play with so at Kingdom level, so they can find someone who can direct them with who they can play with.

Next Meeting will be June 22 at 2pm Wendy's in Durand.

Meeting adjourned at 3:45pm.

Respectfully Submitted this 14 day of April 2008

Morgaine nicFhrannsaidh MacLeod

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