North Woods

A Barony of the Middle Kingdom
AKA The "Lost Barony"
motto: "Beware the Wolf"

Rapier Commands

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Barony of North Woods Basic Rapier Commands

Advance - proceed forward at a walking pace. This command may be modified for speed, IE Advance, double time = Double your pace.

Slide Left/Right - The unit maintains it's facing & formation while sidestepping in the command direction.

Swing Left/Right - Line pivots in the direction named. The person on the end of the line in the direction named is the pivot point. The person on the end of the line, farthest from the direction named controls the speed. May be modified for speed - IE double time.

Refuse Right/Left- Indicates that the enemy is trying to flank us on the indicated side. The person on the farthest edge of line in the direction named will break off & counter. The idea is to slow the opposing line & perhaps reduce their numbers.

Fall back - The unit maintains it's facing & formation while walking slowly backwards.

Pulse - The unit immediately makes an attack on the nearest opponent in front of them, generally accompanied by a step forward. This is used when trying to make a hole in the enemy line.

Stand Fast - Stop, remain in position. Do not stop attacking if you are engaged with the enemy's line.

Ware D.F.B - It means that the enemy is or is trying to do Death From Behind. Those that are currently engaged - listen. You are more likely to hear "You are dead M'lord" than you are to see the person. Those that are not yet engaged & standing behind the line - look around while remaining on guard. Anyone can call this out.

Dress line - Spread out till you are approx arms length or 3 feet from the person on either side.

Hold - Immediately stop what you are doing. If it is safe to do so, place your blade point down. - This is used during a safety issue and will generally be called by a Marshal during a melee.


These are the basic commands that we will be using during war season. Please use these commands when doing Melee drills, especially the Stand Fast command. We need to train our brains out of using 'hold' in any variation - hold the line, hold fast etc.

At the end of each action your line should either be 'Dressed' or engaged with the opposing line.

If you are killed - say LOUDLY - "North Woods, Dead". That lets your opponent know you have acknowledged the shot, but more importantly it lets your line-mates know they have a hole. Also when you are 'Dead' grasp your blade by the forte and hold it point down.

Any questions or comments, please contact me at If you it is something you would like to discuss in person or over the phone, please let me know.


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