To the Populace of North Woods,

The spring of the year approaches, the time when we must all think not only of our artistry and craftsmanship, but also of protecting our hearths and homes from enemies of our barony, our kingdom, and our allies. We trust your swords are all sharpened, your armor is in good repair, and your quivers are full of well-fletched arrows.

Although we are a good peace-loving barony, we must remember with both sadness and joy that in past years, we've been forced to set aside our hammers, brushes and needles and take up instead our bows, rapiers and swords because of actions by a certain barony to our west, and a certain kingdom to our east.

We say "sadness" because these people are our friends, and would ever be so, were it not not for them periodically raising arms against us, or abetting piracy, or committing unmentionable shenanigans. Yet we also say "joy", because what North Woods heart does not swell with pride when the Fenris banner waves victoriously over the field?

To that end, it is incumbent upon us as baron and baroness to see that our forces are adequately commanded and that we have fresh champions to forward our cause. We ask therefore, that anyone who wishes to be considered as commander, either heavy or rapier, to please submit your name to us as soon as possible. We will name these commanders within the next couple of weeks.

We ask as well, that anyone wishing to contend for championship as adult champion in rapier, archery, heavy weapons or A&S, and also for youths wishing to contend for championships in rapier, archery, and A&S to submit their names to us by the end of March.

These champions will be named at various events between then and the beginning of June. We will name our youth heavy weapons champion in the autumn, so that our current champion, Laoric of Wealdlake, may honor the barony upon the list fields at any upcoming wars.

We would also invite the populace to send their recommendations for commanders and champions to us. We wish to appoint commanders whom our troops willingly follow, and have champions who represent the very finest North Woods can show the Knowne World, and we need the words of the baronial populace to do this.

Thank you,

odo & Dulcinea

Baron y Baronessa North Woods