Greetings unto the good people of the Barony of North Woods,

We are pleased and humbled to have been chosen the new Baron and Baroness of this great Barony. It was our birthplace and has been our nurturing home for many years. Our predecessors have given us very large footsteps to fill. Thorvald im Grimmi, who was the first, helped shape the Barony from its beginning as the premier in the Midrealm. Roxanne, with great courage and grace, led us from a time of conflict into a time of healing. Ciara and Angus, with quiet dignity and care, carried us into an era of renewal and growth. We will do our best to hold these lands and people dear in our hearts and to lead well into a new age of joy and prosperity. Thank all of you for your support in this endeavor.

We will continue the practice of having champions to represent the Barony of North Woods. The Barony has been served well by our champions of the martial arts: heavy weapons, rapier and archery. However, being members of the Order of the Laurel, we feel it is encumbent on us to further the arts and sciences whenever and wherever we can. To that end, we will add a champion in the arts and sciences. Furthermore, we wish to encourage and support our youngest members and will add youth champions in the areas of youth combat, rapier, archery and arts and sciences. All of the adult champions will be asked to support youth endeavors in their fields of excellence by teaching, running youth tourneys or competitions, holding the field against young combatants and other activities that have yet to be imagined.

Although the North Woods Champions have been stalwart and excellent examples to the Known world, we will alter the manner of their choosing in order to emphasize that they have not been chosen merely by winning a tourney. We want the populace to have a voice in our choices. We request that barony Knights, Pelicans, Laurels, Captains, Sargants, Foresters, Warders, members of the Evergreen and the populace give us input about prospective candidates. We will choose our adult heavy weapons and rapier champions at Squire’s Tourney; our archery and A&S champions at Tyger Hunt and our children’s champions in youth combat and the arts and sciences at “It Takes My Child to Raze a Village.” We also especially request the input of our subjects on persons who should be considered for the Order of the White Wolf and the Award of the Northern Star.

We encourage those who are making award recommendations to the Crown to send their recommendations to us as well, that we might advise Their Majesties in such matters. When it comes to recognition of the works and accomplishments of the people of North Woods, we are extremely happy to be "the voice of the people to the Crown."

We have heard rumors of conflict with the ever troublesome and cantankerous Kingdom of the East, and possibly even some trouble with our cousins in Andelcrag. It seems as well that our stalwart friends in Roaring Waste seem to be having problems controlling invasive camels from Red Spears, and may well call upon us for aid. We are in dire need of procuring battle leaders should war break out. Anyone desiring a role in our heavy weapons combatant’s leadership should contact us prior to or at Squire’s Tourney. We welcome the comments of our warriors in this matter. We also welcome suggestions regarding leadership of our rapier combatants as there has not been a formal commander of these warriors up till now.

We eagerly await your input that we might guide this barony as the people wish, and see that individuals and leaders are justly recognized. You may reach us via email at BaronandBaroness(at)scaNorth Woods(dot)org . Also, please feel free to introduce yourselves or talk to us at any event. We are really quite friendly and have been known to bite only on occasion, and usually just dark chocolate. Odo should be addressed as, “Your Excellency, here is your beer.” You will have to move pretty fast to catch Dulcinea, but upon doing so may call her "Your Excellency, here is your chocolate,"  Dulcinea or Dulci.

Thank you again for your support,

Baron Odo and Baronessa Dulcinea

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