Congratulations to the Baronial Champions & Baronial Commanders

Greetings good Gentles of the Barony of North Woods,

It pleases me to give hearty congratulations to those whom their Excellencies, Baronessa Dulcinea and Baron Odo, have chosen as their Champions of both the Heavy Weapons and Rapier. Their Champion of the Heavy Weapons List is Brjann InnRammi. The Rapier Champion is Lord Lucien Featherstone.

Their Excellencies also appointed Warder Corwyna of Freswick as the Baronial Rapier Commander and Sgt. Berach Mo'r MacMurchada as the Baronial Commander for Heavy.

To these fine individuals Huzzah!
To all those who participated in the Championships, thank you.

In Service,


Sayyida (Lady) Jahan Ara bint al-Eoghain amat al-Hafeeza
Interim Seneschal Barony of North Woods
Chronicler, Canton of Ealdnordwuda

Greetings good Gentles of the Barony of North Woods,

Our Adult Baronial A&S Champion is Lady Antoinette Martell, who also happens to be the Kingdom A&S Champion! Like Lucien Featherstone, our baronial fencing Champion, the Middle Kingdom continues to adopt our baronial champs as representing the SCA at its best!

We have a youth Archery Champion in the person of Finn nic Cass, as appointed at Tyger Hunt. We expect him to represent his barony whenever and wherever he can.

We are looking forward to awarding championships to our Youths in the fields of Boffers, Fencing and A&S at "It Takes My Child to Raze a Village" this October. We wholeheartedly look forward this event, and would love the populace's input on these Championships.

Odo & Dulcinea

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