Newsletter for the Barony of North Woods in the Pentamere Region of the Kingdom of the Middle of the Society for Creative Anachronism

Summer 2011 Issue 1

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 Why the Holmgang?

 Well, I thought it would be nice with a little history of the name of the newsletter.  When I first went to publish my first newsletter for the group I was informed by our Baroness at that time that the name of the group’s newsletter was The Holmgang.  By this time the Baronial structure of the Barony of North Woods had moved from a single group dynamic to its current structure of a collection of the groups.  For those who are not aware, the first SCA group in Michigan began in East Lansing and eventually became known as the Barony of North Woods.  It was considered the baronial seat for the area that now encompasses our group structure and the Baron and Baroness always hailed from this group, much like how the Barony of Cynnabar is now.  It was in the 1990’s this structure changed to its current structured that is modeled after the Barony of Andelcrag.  The Barony of North Woods encompasses the groups of the Riding of Hawkland Moor, Canton of Ealdnordwuda, the incipient Cantons of Iron Oak and Weld Lake .

In October 2009, the question was raised on the Baronial Yahoo Groups page as to what was the newsletters name, so special  thanks to Thomas Gryffyth and Michaela de La Chesnaye Bois for posting the information about the newsletters history.

According to Thomas Gryffyth “When Baron Thorvald started ‘The Holmgang,’ the Lansing group predated other Michigan groups.   He [Thorvald] also submitted copies of the early newsletters to the MSU Main Library.”  Apparently, these first issues may still be available for review at the MSU library.  Thus The Holmgang was not the newsletter of the ‘Barony of North Woods” in its current carnation but in actuality was the newsletter of the East Lansing group who name at that time was the Barony of North Woods.  “[The Holmgang] was published by the East Lansing group under that name until 1998. On some issues it says ‘a newsletter for the Barony of Northwoods,’ although it was still solely published by the East Lansing group…. In the fall of 1998, the first issue of Fenrir's Voice appeared. Since then, this has been the name used by the East Lansing group for its newsletter.”[1]

So why is the Baronial newsletter called, The Holmgang?  At subsequent Baronial meetings it has been decided that the newsletter should keep the name given to the newsletter when it belong to the East Lansing group.  It implies continuity with the change of structure of the Baronial model and with the East Lansing group, Ealdnordwuda, having a new name for its newsletter, it became a “why not” when the title was associated with the Barony of North Woods.

[1] Michaela de La Chesnaye Bois. Yahoo Groups: Northwoodsbarony. Yahoo.Com 13 October 2009 Web 10 June 2011.  (

Greetings from the Baronial Chronicler

Hello everyone, it has been a while since a newsletter has been published for the Barony. With the advent of the electronic age, print media is slowly going to the wayside, I had become lax in getting the Baronial newsletter published. It seems easier to brows the internet than to pick up a paper and read it. Getting submission by the populace was also difficult. When the newsletter was last published contributions by the populace and officers was only attained after what on member of the barony noted on our yahoo groups as “bodice ripper” of a plea, that is a short story done in persona begging for submissions. And though it was very effective at the time, it was a time consuming way to get submissions.

However changes in Society laws now mandates that “Baronies must publish a newsletter on a regular basis, no less frequently than quarterly.” [1] The need for the newsletter is related to the Societies non-profit educational organizational status as part of the 501C requirement. Our Newsletters can be done online as long as it can printed.Another change in society policy is that chroniclers are required to keep paper in-file release forms as well as copies of the newsletter. The release forms are now mandatory for: creative work, photographer release and model release (people who show up in the photos) and are in PDF on the Middle Kingdom website on the Chroniclers’ page.

So with that being said, the Baronial Newsletter will be published quarterly and ultimately I would like to, like the Fenrir’s Voice the newsletter of the Canton ofEaldnordwuda, merger the webpage and the baronial newsletter into one site to avoid duplication of material. But for now, I need to get a separate edition out quarterly and seek contributions from the populace for the edification of our group.All submissions will need to be accompanied by the appropriate release form (electronic signatures are allowed.)

I beg indulgence while I work my way through the new policies.My journalism/newsletter experience, though has spans many years, is still trying to grasp the ins and outs of copyright rules.My personal motto when it comes to writing has always been “When in doubt, cite.” And as an educator and instructor of Ethics plagiarism tends to be one of my pet peeves, so I ask that all creative works be appropriately cited.

So what is the plan: The Holmgang will be published quarterly…Spring (March, April & May), Summer (June, July & August), Fall (September, October & November) and Winter (December, January and February).  Deadlines for submissions will be November 15th for the Winter Newsletter, February 15th for the Spring Newsletter, May 15th for the Summer Newsletter and August 15th for the Fall newsletter.

This is the group’s newsletter, and any ideas or suggestions on what you would like to see in the newsletter are always welcome. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me. And, as always I am begging on hands and knees for submissions.

Barony of North Woods Baronial Meeting

Held in the lands of the incipient Canton of Iron Oak

May 1, 2011

Meeting Called to Order 1: 41 pm

Comments from the Baroness and Baron: (Before meeting: Baroness asked if we were done yet, Baron said “Oh Shush”.)

Armor/Rapier Champion will be determined at Squires- Tourney

Archer Champion will be determined at Smurf Shoot

Border War will be done for points. Half the war points are going to be by Baronial Champion.

Question was asked “What could be done if they (the Champions”) can’t attend an event.” The response was that usually the Baron and Baroness are allowed to choose a Champion for that event if the reigning Baronial Champion is not in attendance.


Chronicler—Regional Deputy Chronicler talked about all groups must put out a newsletter, every quarter or can lose status and the society can lose its status as non-profit educational organizational!!!! (501C requirement) Newsletters can be done online as long as it can printed. It was also noted that there are release forms available in PDF format and these forms are now mandatory submissions. Chroniclers must keep release forms in paper in-file, as well as copies of the newsletter.

Exchequer—Northwoods: $770.36, East Fairlight:$170, Iron Oak $831.45, Weld Lake: $2639.43

Is having a problem with getting reports. This past reporting period only got one report turned in on time. The Regional Exchequer, in past, had requested that all reports be send directly to her and subsequently the Baronial Exchequer has been skipped in the process. Full-status group has not been sending their reports at all, and incipient groups need to make sure to send in their Negative Report Form stating that they are not holding any funds. Also, Canton officers must send reports to Baronial Seneschal.

Also, when the group switch account to SCA-Michigan, the Barony got not only got a checking account but a interest bearing savings account. Exchequer asked permission move baronial money to savings. Also asked if it would be possible to move to all incipient groups monies to saving…interest would go to the barony. Motion was made to move the Baronies monies put into interest savings account and that incipient groups will be allowed to do the same after discussing it with their home group.

Second, and passed.

Incipient groups need to remember that when the Barony sponsors your group for an event, the release of funds has to be voted on by the council. The council only meets quarterly which means that the council needs to vote on this before the event occurs.

Exchequer commented that her modern life has taken been in upheaval, and if need anyone needs to get a hold of her to call her cell phone. And if needed, keep calling. She is having difficulty getting to emails.

Herald—Deputy wanted to thank those who have reported. Has been running 50/50 reporting coming in on time. There will be a herald workshop in Lansing area on Tuesday at 7pm at to work on ideas.

A&S—Thanked all those who have reported on time and is also having reports not getting in.Part of the problem is that the email for the A&S officer on Baronial Web site still sends to former A&S officers.She is working on getting this problem fixed.

Youth minister—Noted that the only thing she does is do reports. Planned children activities are covered by the office (not fighting). The barony really doesn’t host events with children’s activities but is handled by each group. The Barony is not required to have this office filled, thus she is quitting. It was agreed that the position shall not be filled at this time.

Web minister—not present

Knight Marshal—Reports, thanks to those who have reported. However, “Don’t blame me when regional knight marshal says you cannot have fighting at your event.” States that there is a push to enforce reporting and thus group and marshal event reports need to be done.

Seneschal: Noted problem about not knowing who is going to represent each group at the Baronial meetings. The groups need to send an email saying who has voting rights and needs to be emailed to the Baronial Seneschal and the Baron and Baroness a week in advance. Baronial officers have the right to vote, plus each group has three representatives who can vote. This was set up to limit and control who would show up to specific meetings to vote on an issue what they wanted to pass but not show up at other meetings. It also makes representation fair for each group. For this meeting only one group informed her of who their representatives were.

The Barony needs to hold an event. It is going to be look into if holding the 40th year Party of the Barony at Pennsic can be viewed as an event…the same with the Fighting Tourney’ held there.

The Seneschal noted that she has lost cell phone but will be keeping the number, until a new phone is purchased in June, she can be contacted by calling her husband’s cell.


Iron Oak— Event: Fools Feast and Spring Brawl held April 2, 2011. Had low turnout but those in attendance had fun.

Group is planning for this years Toys and next years Feast of Fools. Tentative for Toy’s date is December 3 but because of a conflict already on the kingdom calendar the group is looking at Dec. 10th. 10- 6pm. Event Stewart will be Arslen. Spring Event is being planned for : March 31st 2011. Event Stewarts:Isabell and Morgaine with Feastocrate being Dunstan.

Possible demos being looked into is the Curwood Festival and one in the Park in Owasso.

Weld Lake —Had Herald’s Point event which was successful. Lost $71 but group didn’t expect to make money considered it a service event.

Will not be doing medieval village at Howell Balloon Festival again because where not asked too but will be parking cars. The group makes more money by doing the parking for the Balloon Festival than by doing the medieval village.

Will be doing ‘It Take My Child’ event in fall. Trying to get third event planned but is having problems getting a site that allows us to have drinking.

The canton and House Iron Wolf Making medallions for Barony out of pewter. It was noted that pewter has tripled in cost in cost, so they are costing aprox. $1 for each medallion.

The group is holding Fighting practices with House Iron Wolf every Friday at River Oaks School in Dearborn

Hawkland Moor—Sponsored Pentamere Academy of Defense, had 50+ fighters and almost broke even.

Group holds Monday meetings at Panera Bread in Rochester, has dance practice at Auburn Hills library once a month and holds monthly A&S days in Clarkston.

Events coming up is Tiger Hunt on July 1-3 and Smurf Shoot.

Ealdnordwuda— No event this past quarter, though Squires at this next weekend. There will be an auction to help with the baronial travel fund.  The following weekend is Saltatoris’ Swingin’ Soiree and then will be doing two demos.
East Fairlight - Not Present.


If anyone has information that needs to be updated on the Baronial website, contact the Webminister and the Chronicler so it can be taken care of


  • Discussion about incipient canton of East Farlight
  • Group in Mt. Pleasant , wanted to be sponsored by the Barony to becomes a group or very possible a Canton …they have over 10 people active.
  • Kingdom has set up deputy to look at Charters. It was noted how our Baronial charter ties the group hands in our ability to get anything done. The Baronial Seneschal said she is going to talk to this new deputy and with the regional seneschal about our charter. And though the Office of Seneschal, and Baron and Baroness are dictated by Kingdom law, the barony is not required to have the same rules for the other officers. Also, while looking over the voting process, it was realized that if terms ended on Jan. 31 end date would require a voting date of Jan 2…this is a problem. We cannot amend the charter until seneschal and baronial elections, and we have Seneschal election in September.What is being asked for is not a vote right now but imput on what should be done with our charter. Group reps are asked to go to their meetings and come up with any ideas.
  • Local groups do not have a charter by name but they should have directions on how the group agrees on how funds are used (Do you have a committee or percentage of the group!) and elections of officers.
  • Anniversary Party and a party meeting needs to be held before the event. It was decided to be done on May 22 at Weld Lakes Gab & Garb session, so that at Border War members could be present to vote on funds for the party. The Party will be held in Iron Wolf’s encampment on the Serengeti. Catalina Castillo Diaz Y Garcia-Kat agreed to be in charge of planning the party.

Next meeting date: is scheduled at this time for August 21st at 1pm to be hosted by Weld Lake

Meeting adjourned 3:10pm


Deputy/Copy Editor needed.  The baronial chroniclers office is in need of a deputy/copy editor.  Please contact Morgaine at if interested.


This is the Summer 2011 issue (Vol. 2011, issue 1) of The Holmgang, a publication of

the Barony of North Woods of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA, Inc.). The Holmgang is available from Theresa Catalano-Reinhardt, 54 Joy Street , Clarkston, Michgan 48346, chronicler for the Barony of North Woods.   It is not a corporate publication of SCA, Inc., and does not delineate SCA, Inc. policies. Copyright © 2011 Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. For information on reprinting photographs, articles, or artwork from this publication, please contact the Chronicler, who will assist you in contacting the original creator of the piece. Please respect the legal rights of our contributors.

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