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Winter 2011 Issue

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Greetings from the Outgoing Baronial Seneschal
Message from the Outgoing Baronial Chronicler
Minutes from the Baronial Council Meeting
North Woods Barony Group Reports
North Woods Barony Officer Reports
North Woods Barony Old Business
North Woods Barony New Business 

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Greetings from the outgoing Baronial Seneschal

Asala'am alikum good people of the Barony of Northwoods,

I have filed my last report as Seneschal of this great Barony. I have served the Barony and Their Excellences Odo & Dulcinea for Four (4) years as their Seneschal during what in hindsight has possibly been one of the most eventful times for the Barony-- a great time of change, growth, learning and exploring.

I have served this Barony proudly and with all of my heart, doing my best to represent you well, facilitate things when necessary, and have gladly been part of the reawakening of communication and interactions between the Cantons of our wonderful Barony.

My personal favorite part of it all has been the chance to meet and interact with so many more people of this Barony that I could have ever imagined, many who are now true and welcome friends.

To Their Excellency’s of Northwoods, Baronessa Dulcinea & Baron Odo, you are our representatives to the Crown and ever so much more. What you do for your Barony, for the people within Your lands is an incredible gift and I would have been lost without your guidance and friendship. You are our Inspiration.

Those who have served as officers of the Barony during my time as Seneschal have from me a gratitude for your service that goes beyond words. Thank you for all that you have done these past years and even before my time as your Seneschal. You as officers past and present are the structure that helps guide and sustain the Barony.

To the Seneschals of our Groups, I have spent much time these four years getting to know you, talking with you, working with you and we could not have come to this time of great communication and interaction without your support, your initial frankness as to the state of things when I stepped into this position or your unfailing determination to help the Barony and thus your Cantons figure out a way to better ourselves, move forward and become a wonderfully cohesive group of individuals all tasked with the desire to work together and rebuild our Barony to the wonderful group that it is and has always been. You are a group of people who should be proud of your Cantons, proud of your accomplishments and revel in the things you have helped us do within the Barony. You are our Guardians.

Those who have been representatives to the Baronial Council throughout the years may not truly realize or understand your importance, but I do so hope you understand my greatfullness for your services. Being a Baronial Council member to my mind is possibly one of the most important rolls you can have in service to your Barony-- you are the representatives of your people, the voices of them and the checks and balances of the Barony. Your job, to give us a glimpse into the individual Canton's wishes and desires, is ever so important and I am beyond words to thank you for the work you have done, the advice you have given and your attendance to the sometimes lengthy meetings every quarter. You are the heartbeat of the Cantons, that always reminds us that each group is a living, breathing entity.

And to all those individuals who make up our Cantons and thus our Barony. Every one of you is vital, no matter your position, activity level or rank. You are the life and breath of us, and I personally am forever in your debt for everything you contribute to our great Society, the Middle Kingdom, the Region of Pentamere and the Barony of Northwoods.

May all of you know that you have touched me to a degree that there are just not enough words to express... May you understand my care for you, my love for the Barony, and may you all have a wonderful journey within this great Kingdom of ours, as you continue on the Journey and adventure within the Barony of Northwoods! I will continue on my own journey, now, but always try to champion you to the best of my ability and with all of my heart.

-JahanAra al-Sayyidaefendi....

Message from the Outgoing Baronial Chronicler

Hello, I have missed the Fall 2011 issue of the Holmgang, there is no real good reason thus is the best laid plans of mice and men. No submissions were received and well modern life intervened.   Much as happened in the barony since the last newsletter and the last Baronial Council minutes are in this issue.   This is the group’s newsletter, and any ideas or suggestions on what you would like to see in the newsletter are always welcome. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact the new chronicler.

I encourage anyone who has a submission for the baronial newsletter to contact our new Chronicler Lord Lughaidh Albanach at   This is the baronies newsletter; articles by the populous are needed.

Minutes from the Baronial Council Meeting

November 20, 2011

Present: Baroness Dulcinea, Baron Odo

OFFICERS: Jahan Ara al-Sayyidaefendi—Seneschal, Lucien Featherstone—Deputy Seneschal/Ealdnordwuda,Gwynneth Featherstone—Exchequre/Ealdnordwuda, Morgaine nicFhrannsaidh-Chronicler/Seneschal of Iron Oak, Bjorg Kormaksson (James)-Knights Marshall/Ealdnordwuda, Fujinami no Kaede—A&S/Ealdnordwuda, Verrix Verctissignus Caledonius Rundusenn –Herald/Puruivant

Group Reps and Populus Present: Lughaidh Albanach, Chatelaine (Iron Oak), Dalla SkjaldmaerIron Oak),Jacques Raymond de Beaupre (Seneschal, Hawkland Moor),v Catalina Castillo Diaz y Garcia (Hawkland Moor), Damiana Isabel Cardona (Hawkland Moor), Thomas Gryffyth, Seneschal (Ealdnordwuda), Lucan Reynes (Ealdnordwuda), Caitilin Logan (Hawkland Moor), Dragonet (Hawkland Moor), Catherine of Deva (Hawland Moor), Nigellus le Haie (Hawkland Moor)

Meeting called to order: 2:17


Baroness—thanked everyone for coming to the meeting.The autocrat for Border War would like more North Woods involvement. Also the person who ran the breakfast tavern in the past is not doing it this year but asked if we can get someone from North Woods to do. Help is also needed with heavy fighting.

We are making some gifts to give to their Majesties at 12th Night. If anyone wants to make a gift and add it to the presentation, then the items are needed by the morning of the event. We are planning to do this just for their majesties, if there are those who want to do so, it can also be done for their highnesses.

Also need blank scrolls (on at least Bristol paper.)

Chronicler—Newsletter will be out by end of the year. There is a Youth article from Michael that he as agreed let North Woods use. However, because a youth wrote, it must be gone through a lawyer.

Exchequer—At this time has received no receipts from Pennsic party, these are needed.

The Barony has North Woods has $916. That does include funds gained from tee shirts. Iron Oak has $931, Weld Lake has $1600.37

Reminder that groups are allowed to donate to non-profit but there are procedures that need to be followed.

Herald—Nothing to report…all reports have been done on time.

A&S—All reports done in time, and encourages everyone to keep it up.

Web minister—Need information: About champion are and to get everything current—if want something wanted on the web page or if there are any changes, please let him know.

Knight Marshal—Only thing is to be careful who you send reports, it must also must be sent to the Mistress of the List./includes Fencing    Having sign in list at practice.

Seneschal:   According to Kingdom, East Faighlight is not a group, however, the hitch is where does the group’s money go?     Baroness Dulcinea volunteered to talk to someone from the former group.


Iron Oak— Toys Tourney will be on Dec 10. Change of site for this year. New Lothrop was not available and was able to move back to Morrice Senior Center. The group will be having a change in officers, and there group is working on getting out of incipience.

Weld Lake—There is a change of officers in the group: knights marshal has set down, so that the group is without a knights marshal at this time. The group’s Seneschal is planning on stepping down after this year; they will having a meeting and will be posting nominations for seneschal. Herald's Pointe and Scribal Collegium will be March 10th, it will be a Kingdom level event at Heart of the Shepard Lutheran Church.

Next event April will be having Takes My Child to Raze a Village…and working on a third event Ale to the Victors and hoping to get Livingston Conversations Club. Idea is a competition between Cynnabar and North Woods.

Hawkland Moor—We have normal meetings at 7:30 at Panera Breads in Rochester. Had a lot of A&S events, two citer events, cheese event, and supported craft festival in Davison/Bloomfield with demos. Thanked everyone for their help.

Wassail will be on December 3 in Waterford at the Bethany Baptist Church. Next major event Tyger Hunt and noted that this year will be the 30th anniversary of the event and it will be held on June 8-10th.

No major officer changes to report.

A&S days continue. On March 17th there is A&S brewing day and a Spinning day in January and will post more information on North Woods Yahoo board.

Ealdnordwuda— Noted will be have new officers as well in their group, specifically that Thomas will no longer seneschal. They have 2 events coming up: 12th Night, and PAOD. 12th Night will be on the 7th of January in Lansing. Going to be have 12th night orientated A&S tournament and an A&S display. Day camps will be limited and the group is still looking for bards to perform during the day and during feast. Feast and lunch tavern, it will help. People throughout the barony are needed who want to help retaining for either their majesties or their highness.

PAODE site at Lansing Pavilion


We are not do deal with Midland group (Shire Twist) and are to forward any contact to regional. We have been told to leave them alone and they want to be an SCA group and not group…in other words they want to have their own rules.

We have new officers taking over: Morgaine as Seneschal, Lew as Chronicler, Dalla as Youth Minister, Aindle will continue as Web minister. There was some challenges with the voting procedure…with the email of ballots…some kinks but not as problem in the strict sense of the term, was asked to do in PDF. It was just as a polling for numbers, a just a polling for support, officers was not contested. The groups Charter is very bonding what has to be done for elections so it will be worked on. We had the highest return rate 65% of the ballots return. Having a charter is nice; having one created during great turmoil is problematic. It is restrictive because no one trusted each other. There was only had trouble with two ballots…and was able to get responses. Part of the problem of the vote was day the closing and count…mail ballots were delivered a week after. The charter and policy should be separate. The end result was worked out alright. Elections for the Baron and Baroness are direct mailing.

JahanAra noted that it has been her pleasure to have been the group Seneschal and will still be available for helping our new seneschal who will take over in Jan after the doomsday.



New baroness and baron election next year, those interests are more than welcome to talk to our current Baroness and Baron.

Next meeting date: Ealdnordwuda at Lucien and Gwynneth Featherson’s on March 4 at 2pm (note as of the publishing of this newsletter, this date will be changed and posted on the Baronial Yahoo groups and Facebook page)

Meeting adjourned: 3:33pm


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