Unto the fantastic populace of North Woods,

hanks to all of you who made Pennsic possible.  This was the best Pennsic ever.  Gwenllyen was told by a friend who is not in the SCA that she says that every year. All we can say is that they just keep getting better and better.

Thank you to Ariel who watched our dogs all war.  We knew they were in good hands.  We are really glad that they didn’t have to stay in a kennel for two weeks.

Thank you to Keaghan, Talon, Alexander and Little Max.  It was fun to cook with you.  Your breakfasts were fantastic.  We will contribute more eggs and bacon next time.  Thanks for the lovely conversations around the campfire.  We do need to play more games.  Gwenllyen will always remember Keaghan screaming and running Max out of the kitchen.

Thank you to all of our champions: Aibhilin, archery; Anya, youth archery; Jorun, armored; Keaghan, rapier; Noelle, thrown weapons; and Tess, arts and sciences.  Thanks for standing out in the rain during opening ceremonies and walking with us to MidRealm court.  We appreciate all of you!   We still want a picture of all of you together!

Thank you to those who contributed to or who helped make the fighters’ towels which included a blue towel, which looked like a hobo bag, filled with peanuts, M&Ms, an apple and a bottle of water.  We think they appreciated them.  We would like to make this one of our Pennsic traditions.

Thank you to Aliyah and Bryn who both contributed to the largess for our King and Queen.  Aliyah made sachets with East Kingdom and North Woods devices.  Bryn made a beautiful purple and gold inkle weaving.  The Great Lakes Lace Group, Inc. contributed more sachets. 

Thank you to Angharad and Aenlin who let us use their tables.  They helped during our potluck dinner and during the Known World Baronial Rapier Champions Tourney.

Thank you to Seadhli who let us borrow her games during the North Woods dinner when she had to leave early to wash dishes for the State Dinner.  Quelf was a lot of fun especially with Jacques, Odo and Dulci because we are NOT afraid to make fools of ourselves.  Thank you to Keaghan who read the rules to us.

Thank you to Aenlin and Cabe who loaned us pretty platters and bowls.  Our veggies looked good for the potluck and the fighter food looked good for the Known World Baronial Rapier Champions Tourney.

Speaking of which, thank you to all those who helped with the Known World Baronial Rapier Champions Tourney.  Martyn marshaled the showcase fights and called the combatants up for their interviews.  Sabina wrote the list and cards for us.  Dulci, Antonia, Michaela, and Fujinami laid out the food and served the gallery.  Thank you to Rurik, Kata, and Lisabetta for marshalling. Thank you to the CANTON of We(a)ldlake who supplied us with the water coolers.

Thank you to Lucien who made our large baronial bucklers. They are impressive!  They show how wonderful our barony is.  Thank you for the time and care you put into making them.

A special thank you goes to the rapier fighters of the Barony of North Woods and House Ironwolf for fighting with us in the Rapier Field Battle.  All of you were wonderful.  It was great plotting with you.  You have inspired the Baroness to practice this year so she will be more comfortable on the battlefield next year.  Keaghan, thanks for staying by her side throughout the battles.

Thank you to Master Odo for polishing our coronets before MidRealm court.  They really needed it and we had run out of time. Thanks for showing us how beautiful the coronets are.

Thank you to the armored fighters of House Ironwolf for fighting with the Barony of North Woods in the field battle.  A special thanks goes to Jorun for being Max’s shieldwoman so he had protection while fighting spear.   

Thank you all for coming to the North Woods potluck, court and gaming night.  We saw many creative ways to “wear” stripy socks. We had lots of great food and drink, and the tablecloths really dressed up the meal.  We’ll make sure you are not facing into the sun next year.  Thank you to Faioltigearna for playing the harp for us.  She is always a joy to listen to especially at eight in the morning.

Thank you to House Ironwolf for your pancake breakfast.  Gwenllyen loved coming to your camp on the way to teaching her class.  The pancakes and the coffee were delicious!

Thank you to House Direwolf for your mead tasting social.  You do make some delicious flavors and some interesting flavors!

Thank you to everyone who came to war.  We apologize to anyone we forgot to mention.  We received so much help and had so many wonderful conversations throughout the war that this missive could turn into a book.  We thoroughly enjoyed our war and we hope everyone else did, too.  The weather was perfect and we thank the god(s) for that! We look forward to next Pennsic because you know it will be even better!

Max & Gwenllyen

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