Greetings unto the good people of the Barony of North Woods,

Our Barony of North Woods is the premier Barony of the realm. It is the oldest (we always know our place in the Order of Precedence - fall in behind us), grandest, proudest and full of Champions!   We have the A&S, people willing to serve, as well as fighters that other Barons and Baronesses wish they had! However, we do not get to show off our Barony's greatness in all our travels. So, we are sending this  list of ideas for folks who want to help make us all an even more spectacular-looking barony!

Stuff for spiffier courts:

  • In process of build, gifts of gold for gilding will be cheerfully accepted - Thrones, preferably not Glastonbury chair, but portable
  • Given - Table for holding awards, beverages, etc.
    northwoods_table_web.jpg (106333 bytes)
  • Given - Medallions for Baronial Champions, cantons of the Barony Medalions, tokens etc.  by Wealdlake, click here for pictures

Stuff for feast head table (or maybe the entire feast hall for the over-achieving?)

  • Nice looking, functional silverware
  • Decorated pitchers and/or platters with North Woods device
  • Decorated candleholders and/or candles
  • Tablecloth, runner and napkins with device

"Give away" stuff

  • Raw material kits for artisans, such as calligraphy and illumination supplies, spiffy embroidery thread, metal ingots, horn, bone, wool, weapon blanks, etc.
  • Stuff for kids, like games or toys or sparklies
  • Stuff for visiting royalty when They visit us: something from TRM's or TRH's online wish lists and/or some food & drink for Them to snack on in the Royalty Room

List field stuff

  • Appropriate-looking sunshades for heavy weapons, fencers, archers and boffers
  • Decorated water-coolers for all lists
  • Light-weight pennants and poles, in the vein of our wonderful North Woods Lightning Rod Pennant

Any other items our skilled artisans can devise, create or think of to enrich our Barony.

Let's show everyone that our Barony has class up the wazoo! :)

Odo & Dulci

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