North Woods

A Barony of the Middle Kingdom
AKA The "Lost Barony"
motto: "Beware the Wolf"

Odo and Dulcinea’s schedule for Pennsic

Friday, August 3

Arriving late afternoon

Saturday, August 4

12-2 My Mom Can Beat Up Your Mom Tournament. We need 6-10 helpers for this activity: 2 Marshall's, Cabana boys to serve the ladies, and 2-4 others. This is not a "Baronial" obligation, but a tourney we started before we became the Barons and plan to continue. Warrior moms love to have handsome Cabana boys as water bearers and greatly appreciate them.

Sunday, August 5

9:15-12:00 Opening Ceremonies: We need a cupbearer and a banner bearer. This is a lot of fun, but hot work. We get to be really close to the opening ceremonies stage and can hear almost everything. Champions: this is one of your duties at war.

3:00 North Wood’s Archery Shoot: We would like all of the archers to arrive at the archery field at 3 to shoot as a group. If possible wear either a favor or Baronial colors. We will need someone to carry the Banner so we can represent the Barony in style.

Monday, August 6

Beginning Monday and every day except Wednesday, Her Excellency will be fighting from 10-12 in Rapier War Points and from 1-3:30 in Armored Combat Battles (if her body holds up). We will need at least one person to carry the war banner to and from any activities in the field (not the woods). It would be really nice if someone can be around at the end of each battle just in case Her Excellency needs help.

3:45-7:00 Known World Armored Combatants Baronial Champions Tourney: we will need 2-4 people who can work from 3:45-5:45 and the same from 5:45-7:00ish. This tourney is run by Cynnabar with us helping, so we may not need people to stay as long as listed, but it is good to be prepared. Snacks, drinks, refreshments, sunshades and marshals are needed.

7:00-9:30 Baronial Party at North Woods Baronial Encampment. We may be a little late due to the tourney. Anyone who can help set up will be appreciated since we will not be there to help. We would expect to have foods out from 7-8:15, followed by court. Please bring a dish for the potluck and any drinks you wish to share. We need someone to watch the bar at all times to assure no minors partake of alcohol and someone to oversee the food. We also will need someone to attend us during court and any champions who want to participate. Please give us award recommendations for Baronial court within the next few weeks to allow us to prepare. This is the perfect time to recommend someone for an award because it will be at Pennsic!

9:30-whenever: going to the Hafla at Andelcrag. A North Woods presence en masse would be nice.

Tuesday, August 7

10:00-4:00 or so. Odo will be attending to Laurel duties at various A & S venues. He does not need an attendant but if you want to hang out with a Laurel and see what they do here is your chance. Just bring water and a snack.

Dusk to Whenever: We will be going to parties and will not be available. We do not need retainers. Again if you just want to hang out with us, cool.

Wednesday, August 8

11:00-1:00 Their Excellencies will be Peers on Duty at Midrealm Royal. It would be nice to have Gate Guards from North Woods as well. If you are interested sign up at Midrealm early.

3:30-6:30 Known World Baronial Rapier Champion’s Tourney: We host this and need lots of help. We need people to serve the assembled Barons, 3-4 Marshals, people to help us tote and carry both before and after, to set up before and to tear down after. This is a main priority for us. It is the Premier event that North Woods hosts at the war. We are in the spotlight and want North Woods to shine! Dozens of Barons and Baronesses from the Known World will attend. And it is a heck of a lot of fun!

Thursday, August 9

7:30-8:15 or so Midrealm Court (8:00). We head to the royal camp at 7:30 to assemble for court. We need champions and a banner holder. Everyone peels off and is free as soon as court starts. If you are an experienced herald or want to help behind the stage to keep everyone comfortable please check at Midrealm Camp earlier in the week to sign up.


We do not have a sign up sheet yet and need someone to act as our herders…I mean coordinators. If anyone is willing to do this it would be lovely.


In Service and need of help,

Odo and Dulcinea

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