Kathy and Patty


A Little Bit About Us

My husband calls me a city girl because I was born in Harrisburg.  I was 10 when I moved to the rural parts of Dauphin in Middle Paxton Twp.  I married a fellow from the area and we have lived in this neck of the woods ever since.  We have 4 adult children and 6 (soon to be 7) grandchildren.  Everyone gathers at "home" on Saturday night for a home cooked meal and fellowship.  Our family is very important to us, but even of greater importance is our love for the Lord Jesus Christ.  We thank Him for the gift of eternal life.

About 7 years ago, as I was paging through some information my niece gave me on my side of the family, it dawned on me that our kids had a very lopsided family tree.  We had nothing on my husband's side of the family.  That's when I made contact with Patty, knowing she had a love of history and genealogy.  Through our time spent together, Patty and her husband came to know the Lord also.  Patty says that she was searching for her "roots" and made the greatest discovery of all!  We had an immediate bond of friendship and started to work on this big project together.  And boy did we dig some skeletons out of the closet! (That's what prompted the murder story research) :O) Our favorite place to eat lunch is in a cemetery because we don't have to share our sandwich with anyone.  We have had so many adventures on these genealogy excursions, that we should have written a book!  On this journey, we have not only had adventures, but we have also met many wonderful people.  It has been a great "trip"!

Unlike me, Patty was born in the country into a large family!  When she came down with pneumonia as a toddler, her mother's sister said she would take care of her, as there was another baby in the family for Mother to care for.  So it ended up that Patty just stayed at "Aunts" and was raised by her.  Because of spending so much time with Aunt Hulda, Patty learned about manydifferent people in the Snyder, Juniata, and Perry County areas.  She has a wealth of knowledge stored up in her head about this area and the people who live there.  It doesn't matter where we go, she knows someone, although I have to chuckle as I had her on a couple of roads lately that she didn't know where she was!  Patty is a proud grandma too of three charming granddaughters.  Sad to say, she lost her husband in the spring of 2006 very unexpectedly.  The Lord is helping her put the pieces back together and to get on with her life as much as possible.  Genealogy is a good outlet to keep her busy.

I hope you can find something useful for your research within this webpage.  Kathy Lee Bates Fisher

Kathy L. Fisher