A Little About Myself

A Very Short Bio:
(This is the "I" page).
I have been a pilot for 30 years, am at the ATP level. I am an active CFI, and have graduates at all levels of certification.

My personal aircraft of 16 years is a FIKI PA34 200T, which is about the least machine one can operate with multi-weather capability. I miss my Cessna 140. I miss my M20J. I miss the E-188. 
I am an active CFI, which has permitted me in the past to testify to an airman's physical capabilities. I am happy that I am individually the originator of Special Issuance for ~2.0% of the nation's Third Class airmen with who have INSULIN dependent Diabetes Mellitus.

I am one of the authors of the chronic monopolar depression "Stable in Remission" proposal,  for a special issuance pathway, all classes. This allows for certification with a low dose SSRI (Prozac, Effexor, etc) taken daily. It's been adopted, and is quite restrictive, but it exists.
My medical specialty background is in Invasive control of Chronic Pain, and I am Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Pain Medicine, and Anesthesiology. This does give me working knowledge of just about anything in the federal lexicon.

I serve as a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria, IL, have a spouse of 35 years and two daughters, both graduated. Neither of them have inherited the aviation "bug", but all are willing passengers.