How to Start

It's usually best to open communication with an email. The written form does force one to think clearly as to the how and when we got here. But that's not strictly necessary. Voice is catch as catch can (see contact information), but usually much more real information can be contained in a paragraph. Remember, the entirety of a federal certification submission writing: text, and graphics. After all, no voice is used in the "federal" process.

I don't charge to discuss your situation, or to assess how deep (or shallow) the "do-do" is. Now for the 2014 price increase (mostly due to complexity and pursuit): I do charge $120 to $180  (depends on complexity) to review your documents, $60 per 15 minutes of "work time" thereafter, whether that be advising your physicians as to EXACTLY what is needed and why, or the form it should take. $60 to contact FAA directly when the time is agreed to be right, and if I have to send staff out to the USPS for Certified Mail, that's $60 also (though you can also do that part). The actual physical exam is currently $120, if you even need one. I'm on the grounds at 3MY (Mt Hawley Airport) which has a courtesy car (BUY SOME FUEL!).
There is scheduled service into STL, DET, DEN, and ORD at Peoria, which is 6 miles away. Since summer of 2013 I also have an office in the terminal at KPIA. Exams there are currently $120.00. Remember, however, you're not paying for AME services here, for once we go on record, it's on record. You're paying for expertise and consultation, and file advice and file management.

The MOST EXPENSIVE specialized certification I've ever done was just under $1,000. It involved debunking a poorly done Thallium nucleotide SPECT scan in which the Thallium was injected AFTER the appropriate moment, rendering it a false positive. The purveyors of that mess was that big "Two Brothers" referral center in southern Minnesota, and in this particular airman's case, it was an UNNECESSARY test. Unfortuantely, we had to PROVE that is the case, with a whole lot of medical literature. I WILL TELL YOU to NOT APPLY if that is the only way.

When it comes time to apply I ask you to go to and do the electronic 8500-8, AFTER we have discussed your situation. There are some trap doors, and you may fil it in without much fear; the  form is vaporizable, modifiable, so you need not fear incrimination.

(1)   Go to the Photos page and get to the Ninth photo- it's a screenshot of how to do this.

(2) CAPTURE THE PDF of what you do by being sure to hit the "Exam Summary" button on the page AFTER you submit (this is a one-time only opportunity. The button is not there when you come back to the page later).

(3) Email me that PDF, so that the application doesn't go "live".  If you do Medxpress in this manner, it turns to dust in 60 days. No denial if there is no application!

I DO tell you to engage an attorney if you have lied or omitted, in a substantial way. I will communicate with your counsel. However, frequently, if an omission is inadvertent, you should know that if it does not involve substance abuse or alcohol, FAA will rarely refer your case to the General Counsel, and is more likely to be reassured that you are fit to fly, and let the past pass...with a written warning. This is NOT ALWAYS true, however; it varies case by case and I will let you know, provided you level with me. I am not responsible if you do not disclose in a timely manner... and yes, your 1986 possession count and the eight speeding tickets thereafter DO get considered by the FAA. I HAVE to know about ALL of these things.



The satellite office in the KPIA terminal is open, across from the baggage claim. See "photos"!