Gary Davis

GARY G. DAVIS For U.S. Senate

My Fellow Tennesseans,

       I have decided to have people write me in for the U.S. Senate. The people need to see and hear someone who demands and expects the best government. Tennessee needs to be in the forefront of national polititcs. California, New York, and Washington need to move over. It is our time to lead. I want the people to stand up with self respect, hopes, dreams, and the motivation to answer the call to fight on . The voices of  Republicans, mixed with Democrats working with the majority of people, we can create a mighty rushing wind that purges the system. I will put together a system that gets the disgruntled, angry, disenchanted people to plug back in with one voice that will shake the very foundations of both parties. 

 I love this state and will never go quietly into the night.

Gary G Davis

Mailing address is:              E mail address is:          Telephone: 615-834-7339

Gary G.  Davis               

301 Faulkner Place         

Nashville TN  37201

Gary Davis