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Current Issues

   Our party needs someone to provide a spark to ignite the 100 senators to embrace a new path. We need to get people over the finish line with hope and dignity. I believe the balance between businesses and the people has tipped against the people.

    We must not be fooled by side issues or past problems that the current federal government will not address. It is time to replace the old guard with people that have vision and purpose. The newly elected faces will not be a wasted vote but instruments of change. Who will pick up the pieces and make a better future for us all?

The deception of the few will drain the life of many.

The phrase of “make your vote count, don’t throw it away” will not get us to problem solving solutions.

 I believe the stalemate of politics has got to be taken from the carpetbaggers and shared with the masses.

 A vote for me is the beginning of change.

Gary G Davis

I would like to ask the voters, why has federal government focused on businesses first and pushed the welfare of it citizens second?

These businesses have reduced our standard of living down, produce poorer products, provided and encouraged deceptive practices, filled their bank accounts, and then state boldly “I am not responsible for what happens.”

 The government on all levels give financial incentives, tax breaks, and bends many rules to let these people give us crumbs and seconds.

We have no migration reform because businesses get very cheap labor with no accountability. Think of it this way, in the 1940’s we had migrant workers; they have been with us for at least 50 years. Why has there been no action taken? Businesses have profited. They still claim we need help, give me more tax breaks. They have flooded the US with cheap and dangerous goods. They have lowered your standard of living and then declare “Your elected officials made that decision not me.” The wealthy give billions to keep the political system going. Why? They are making billions raping our bodies!

All voters should find it insulting to face a job that the wages can’t maintain basic needs. Why shouldn’t minimum wages be twelve dollars an hour? The companies will not make their bonuses? They lobby to make sure that you beg for bread.

These acts can be changed by swift and decisive act against the multi nation businesses.

Instead of laws that only go after the company, go for the people who make these decisions.

Let us look at Mattel. They closed all their factories in the U.S. They have there products built in China and then demand they are not responsible for the poor and dangerous products. Now, they want us, the taxpayers and the unemployed from their U.S. factories to pay for inspectors. I not only find this criminal but it shows the character of the people running most of our companies.

States pass laws demanding you have to have insurance for your automobile. The insurance companies now have a pond full of people who have to buy this product. Now, what happens? The rates go up and service goes down the drain.

How is someone going to pay 600 to 2000 dollars a year for car insurance if he or she is making less than seven dollars an hour?

These are just two examples where the businesses have jumped in bed with government officials to keep a mass of poor people grateful for crumbs and seconds.

If minimum wage applied to absolutely everyone and it was at least 12 dollars an hour, you would see changes in the general welfare. Why are we afraid to raise the wage? Are you grateful looking at 80 year old people working just to pay their bills? Do you enjoy seeing the projects?

The balance has been tilted to companies. If this is the new focus of our future then why are they not held to the highest standards?

Bear Sterns will be bailed out for their incompetence but others businesses will be ignored. Why? What would have happen if the Feds did nothing?

I would have given 2 million of the poorest families a check for 10,000 dollars. This action would benefit far more people and cost less.

I simply believe helping people through a considerable wage hike would raise the general welfare. The selective bailout of insiders with high risk investments is a terrible practice. Enron went down, why didn’t we bail them out? This practice must be examined.

 If you have any response please contact me.

Gary G Davis

 I have read many articles about my Democratic party. Most, simply blame our failures on President G.W.Bush. I would point out the fact that he is only a man, not GOD. I respect him as a man with opinions, the office he holds, and his courage to stand by his convictions.

My party has failed to create a forum that promotes changes. We claim to be the party of the people, a party of liberals, a platform to share ideas, a place that welcomes diversity, and the party that creates the future that many desperately need.

What we have is a feudalistic party system. The party will strangle or twist an idea that cannot be controlled in effort to keep their power and influence. How can this be the party for liberals, reform, and a party for the people who need direction and hope?

I ran in the primary as a Democrat. I found many angry and broken people. These individuals will not follow the trail of bread crumbs any more.

Their field of dreams has come to an end. Who will build their future?  Who will open up their minds and spirits so they can find self worth and value?

The people placed before us, are they the best the party has to bring about our future?

I believe most of the voters who support me would never vote for many of the people on the ticket. This translates to a Republican victory!

Failure to have the full party united, getting the disgruntled individuals back into the process, and having Republicans to cross over.

I have found that the Green party is full of Democrats. Libertarians are democrats. We have created our own stumbling blocks and placed the highway of hopes and dreams closed for freedom, liberty, and individuality.

I would welcome a response.


Gary G Davis


Gary Davis