Gary Davis

My Philosophy


          My name is Gary G. Davis. I am a candidate for the United States Senate.

          I believe the future of this country can be exciting and wonderful for everyone.

          We need to focus on getting everyone working together in Congress. Together unity brings strength and understanding. We can correct budget spending and inflationary practices.

            We must move in a direction to inspire and create an environment of self achievement. People gain confidence in their own successes and victories. It is the people

who count on their elected officials in times of indecision, confusion and turmoil. We must display the leadership and confidence to get us through these moments when good citizens ponder and hesitate.

             I believe that the future of this great nation hinges on people regaining their vision and purpose. We are a nation of achievers and dreamers. We can assist the newly

formed Iraq government to rise up and take the lead, together we can create better energy sources, a nation united can reduce pollution,  reduce food shortages,  address housing and health care needs, and reach out together to share this with our children.

             We must begin in cutting needless spending programs. The deficit will only increase prices. This will erode the most valued programs which will simply result in increased taxes to everyone, fear will rise up, and hyper inflation will rise up and grip everything. Making changes now will give us a better future.

              I need your vote. I need your hands on experience. I don't have all the answers but by keeping an open mind I can gain understanding to provide the leadership that you


              There are many issues that need to be addressed. I have confidence in you, the voter to stand up and let your voice be heard. Many of you have wonderful ideas that can lead to solutions facing the federal government.

              I believe the greatest thing on this earth is you. Yes, YOU. It is you who can shed light on issues that have been overlooked. I can't see every problem. I can act on your behalf if I am aware of a problem.

             I am not here to criticize past and current individuals. They were elected and made decisions. We must move past the imaginary wall of party politics. It is everyone’s problem. Division is a weapon that will only cause frustration and anger.  Many informed voters have stopped voting.

            There are many solutions that will give varying results. We should bring about change and stability. Reform, is to many a word that means change. We can reform policies and institutions. We have seen many events that have and will lead to policy changes. Our past ideas about pensions, immigration, foreign interventions, national debt, the loss of jobs and tort reform can’t be ignored any longer.

              Thanks and don't give up! I need you!

               Gary G Davis

Gary Davis