Breakfast Menu:

Specialty Homefries:

Each Specialty Homefry served with toast and orange slice

(you may add eggs to your homefries)

Side of Homefries
a smaller portion of our
potatoes with onions and green peppers

Veggie Head
grilled potatoes, sauteed muchrooms,
tomatoes, onions, green peppers, and
melted muenster cheese

grilled potatoes, 2 scrambled eggs,
bacon, green peppers, onions,
and melted cheddar cheese

Zesty Ranchero
grilled potatoes, chicken, avocado,
tomatoes,onions, melted swiss cheese
and a side of ranch dressing

Mexican Fiesta
grilled potatoes, jalapenos,
avocado, onions, tomatoes, melted
pepperjack cheese and sides of salsa
and sour cream

Ham It Up
grilled potatoes, honey-cured ham,
bacon, onions, and melted
provolone cheese

Plain Jane
start with a generous portion of our
delicious potatoes and add your
favorite toppings from our extras list

Omelets, Quiche, French Toast,
Yogurt & Egg Sandwiches

3 Egg Omelet
add items from extras list
Served with cinnimon toast medallions

Gourmet Quiche
served with pineapple and a side of
homefries or a cup of soup
ham-bacon-swiss quiche

Grilled French Toast Meal
3 slices served with a
side of homefries

Grilled French Toast A La Carte

Egg Sandwiches
eggs only on toasted bread
eggs with your choice of cheese
eggs, cheese and ham or bacon

Yogurt Shakes
blueberry, banana, chocolate, pineapple
or any combination of these flavors

Yogurt Parfait
layers of vanilla yogurt, granola, and
your choice of fruit
(blueberry, pineapple or banana)