N2CMC 146.610 PL 88.5  

Cape May County

Amateur Radio Club



CMCARC News & Announcements

The next CMCARC business meeting will be held September 16, 2015 at the Cape May County EOC, Library Basement, 30 W. Mechanic St., Cape May Court House beginning at 7:00 PM.  +++++  The Cape May County Amateur Radio Club invites you to join us for fellowship and good food at the Villas Diner, 2100 Bayshore Rd., Villas, NJ each Wednesday at 10:00AM.


Weekly CMCARC 2 Meter Net - 

Every Thursday evening at 8:00 PM on the 146.610 Pl 88.5 club repeater
KC2PAG is net control

Note:  A link system takes a few extra moments to link and unlink with each transmission.  Please wait a second after you key up before speaking.  Please allow a couple of seconds after the repeater drops before keying up.



N2CSA operating at the Special Kids Fishing Day Event Station 08/25/15

  • The Cape May County Amateur Radio Club (CMCARC) in Southern New Jersey is an ARRL (American Radio Relay League) affiliated club.  The CMCARC owns and operates the N2CMC repeater transmitting at 146.610 with a Pl of 88.5 and negative offset.  Our repeater is located within the Cape May County Crest Haven Complex near Cape May Court House.  Countywide coverage is good for both base and mobile.  Base coverage extends into Atlantic and Cumberland counties.  Our repeater is open for the use of all licensed amateurs.

  • A formal club business meeting is held the third Wednesday of each month (except December) in the operations room at the Cape May County Office of Emergency Management, located in the basement of the County Library, 30 W. Mechanic St., Cape May Court House beginning at 7:00 PM.  An educational program or other activity usually follows the business portion of the meeting.

  • Each Wednesday about 10:00AM we meet for brunch at the Villas Diner & Pizzaria, 2100 Bayshore Road, Villas, NJ.  Anyone with an interest in amateur radio is welcome to attend.  This weekly event affords all members and visitors the opportunity to socialize with fellow amateur radio operators.

  • On Thursday evenings at 8pm we hold a 2 meter club net open to all amateurs on our N2CMC 146.610 - Pl 88.5 repeater.

  • The CMCARC has a corps of mentors, in ham language called Elmers, to assist club members and potential club members.  Do you think you might be interested in becoming a licensed amateur radio operator?  Are you newly licensed and need help getting into the hobby?  Are you a Technician Class amateur and think you might be interested in getting a higher class license so you can work HF?  Speak with one of our Elmers.  To meet an Elmer, email our president n2ltq@cmcarc.org, attend a weekly club Wednesday brunch or one of our monthly business meetings.

  • The CMCARC is a perennial participant in the ARRL Field Day and the ILLW Lighthouse Lightship weekend.  We support the community by providing communications to bicycle races, marathons and other events.

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