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2014 ILLW Event


International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend
August 16 & 17, 2014


The Cape May County Amateur Radio Club expresses its appreciation to our outgoing ILLW Chairman, Al Maslin, N3EA.


A message from our incoming ILLW Chairman, Doug Crompton, WA3DSP:

The setup on Friday started at 11:30 with the loading of the trailer at the EOC, then lunch at Huggits and the trip down to the lighthouse for setup at 1 PM. Ten club members helped out with the setup which went very well except for the positioning of the antennas at the top of the lighthouse. They were too far towards the ocean on the west side. Moving the support point one railing section away from the ocean solved the problem. For future reference the point of support should be just about at the point of the vertical antenna mounted on the lighthouse roof on the railing below. The antenna ends should be no more than 5 feet below the railing. This makes a comfortable to the fence on two corners of the property below. I will be drawing a map to show this for future reference. Bob, W2ARP and Ron, KB2KEI traveled to the top of the lighthouse. Both antennas were checked and worked fine on all bands. We left the area by about 3 PM. 

Saturday arrivals were between 8:30 and 9 AM and contacts started shortly thereafter. Doug, WA3DSP and Ray,  WB2JJO operated from one position on 40 meters the entire day and on just one frequency 7217 khz.  Conditions were not great with lots of QSB and varying conditions throughout the day but we managed to make  250 contacts on 40 meters until shutdown at about 5 PM. Surprisingly there was absolutely no QRM in spite of a  QSO party the same weekend. The other operating positions was primarily operated by Bob, W2ARP on 20 meters and above but band conditions were not good and few contacts were made on those bands. The only snafu the whole day was a lack of turkey on the turkey hoagies! Bill Young made a quick trip back to Wawa to rectify the situation.

Sunday is always a little more laid back day. Doug and Ray again operated 40 meters on the same frequency and made another 180 contacts. The upper bands were still not good on Sunday and only about 20 contacts were made on that station. Tear down was at 3 PM and went very smoothly. We did something different this year but unfortunately due to the antenna relocation at the top of the lighthouse on Friday it did not go as planned. We brought the rope all the way back down to the ground hoping that we could just lower the antennas down and pull the remaining rope and no one would have to climb the lighthouse on Sunday. But the rope was weaved around at the top and that was not happening so Ron, KB2KEI had to climb up and lower it. Hopefully next year we can try out that approach successfully.

We had a total of 418 contacts in 22 states and Canada. Three on 75M, 391 on 40M, 22 on 20M, and two on 10M.

We worked sixteen US lighthouses, one US lightship, and four Canadian lighthouses:

Lighthouses - US0001 US0016 US0038 US0182  US0054 US0184 US0188  US0019 US0071 US0189  US0023 US0101  US0025 US0110 US0037 US0178

CA0015 CA0016 CA0032 CA0046

Lightship - US0042

Lighthouse and Lightship numbers can be cross referenced to names at http://illw.net

Attendance - Club Members

Friday - Al, N3EA; Bill, KC2UMM; Doug, WA3DSP; Ron, KB2KEI; Tim, N2LTQ; Art, AD2CM; Bob, W2ARP; Bill, N2CSA; Peggy, W2PEG; Ed, N2EWT

Saturday - Al, N3EA, Bill, KC2UMM; Bob, W2ARP; Ron, KB2KEI; Howard, KA2CBC, Doug, WA3DSP; Ray, WB2JJO; Jim, KB2JMJ; Frank, N2COM; Mike, KC2PAG; Art, KC2OG; Bill, N2CSA; Peggy, W2PEG

Sunday - Al, N3EA; Bill, KC2UMM, Bob, W2ARP; Ray, WB2JJO; Art, AD2CM; Doug,WA3DSP; Art, KG2OG; Ron, KB2KEI; Diane, KD2GGG; Bill, N2CSA; Peggy, W2PEG

Attendance - Licensed Visitors

Drew, KC2JPP; Dan, KD2FSJ; Herb, N2GEW


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