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2/11/02 Revised  11/30/03
Home Theater 

This is the latest setup for my home theater. It all started when I decided I needed to replace the old Polk 5 monitors that I'd been using for about 20 years. I think that I'm about finished with it and have enjoyed using it as well as assembling it. Listed below are all the components. Some are commercially available and some I built myself.

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Main Loudspeakers
Martin Logan Aerius I
This is what started it all. After I bought these I couldn't stand how my old amplifier sounded so I bought a new one. Then I needed surround sound so... Well you get the idea. They are the best sounding speakers I could afford  and so of course Martin Logan quit making them. I've included some of the specs since its hard to find them anymore. 

Electrostatic panel with cone driver for low frequencies • ESL Panel Size: 40" H x 9"W • Cone Size:  8" • Crossover:  450 Hz • Lateral Dispersion:  30 degrees • Nominal Impedance:  4 Ohms - Min 1.7 Ohms at 20 kHz • Sensitivity:  89 dB/2.83 volts/m • MFR.:  40 Hz - 22 kHz ± 3 dB • Size:  55 1/2" H x 10 1/2" W x 12 1/2" D • Weight:  55 Pounds Each • Finishes: Dark Oak, Light Oak, Black Oak, Maple, Walnut, Mahogany, Cherry, Black Lacquer 


Mitsubishi 55" Diamond Series
 In my opinion the Mistubishi is the best picture for the buck. I originally was looking at the Pioneer Elite series but, wow, they sure do cost a lot. After deciding that I couldn't afford the Pioneer, I looked at about everything out there and the Mitsubishi was clearly the best looking to my eyes.


Denon AVR-4800
After spending hours reviewing receivers on www.audioreview.com I finally settled on the Denon. Once again, here is another piece of equipment that is no longer manufactured. I took a chance buying this unit since I bought it from an internet vendor instead of an electronics dealer here in town. You have to be careful doing this because Denon will not honor the warranty on their products unless you buy  from an authorized dealer, which the vendor I bought mine from is. I saved a lot of money this way plus I think the fact that  it  that it was being replaced by another model also helped. It has great protection circuitry since I shorted the tweeter output on one of my rear speakers during assembly and it didn't damage the amplifier. It also sounds very clean, is THX certified, and has plenty of inputs and switching options. The Martin Logan speaker is a difficult speaker to drive due to its low impedence and the Denon handles it beautifully. 


DVD Player
Panasonic DVD-CP67
This is the third DVD player I've owned. I bought it after reading reviews at Home Theater HiFi. It was the first time I'd seen actual benchmarks used in the review of a DVD player. Panasonic has discontinued  this model but it's still available. It has a great video chip and the picture is better than the old player. It also is a 5 disc player which means I never have to get off the couch. The menus and remote aren't nearly as well laid out as the old one but the trade off is worth it for the improved picture. It's not remarkably better but it is good enough to justify the purchase.The anal retentive part of me likes how the display color is the same as my receiver.


Center Channel
Vifa/Focal Shielded MTM
DIY Vifa/Focal MTM in a vented enclosure. This is the first full range speaker that I designed from scratch. I think the design was more fun than building it. Two 6.5" mid/woofers and an inverted dome tweeter. I'm still not completely satisfied with how it sounds, especially since I built the rear surround speakers. I may build another one or just leave it alone since it doesn't sound that bad. Its really not fair to compare them to the Martin Logans but since they sit right next to each other its hard not to.

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Rear Speakers
The Eros
DIY Vifa/Scanspeak MTM in vented enclosure. The design of this speaker was provided by  Wayne Jaeschke . Two 6.5" mid/woofers and a textile dome tweeter. Since they're towers I don't need stands for the speakers and the cat can't knock them over. I wanted a quality set of  rear speakers to compliment the Martin Logans
. And these do very nicely. The pod race in Star Wars is down right amazing now.

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12" powered Subwoofer
This is the first speaker I built (and it kind of shows). The Martin Logans have adequate bass response for music but not enough for Home Theater. Its made out of sonotube as was built in a weekend.

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Home Theater Speakers
Dayton Home Theater Project
After my Mom heard my home theater she  wanted a system of her own. She doesn't have as much room as I do so she needed a lot smaller speakers (she doesn't listen to them quite as loud as I do either). Since I'd had such good luck with the Eros I decided to build another Wayne Jaeschke design. They turned out so well I'm building another set for a friend.

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