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The VSS-1 Eros
After finishing up my center channel speaker it was time to move on to another project. Since the rear surround speakers that I was using were about 20 years old, I decided it was time for an upgrade. Rather than design new speakers, I decided to use a design I found  at speakerbuilder.net. I won't cover any of the design details since it is covered thoroughly already at Wayne's web site. I did change the finish of the cabinet and make a few design changes  which I'll discuss. My thanks to Wayne for a very well designed speaker. Here are a few pictures of the speakers as I finished them. 

Click Here for Larger ImageHere you can see the bracing that I added. There's a brace between each driver. Since I left out the inner lining of 1/2" plywood that the design called for I added two more braces. I also adjusted the internal volume to account for the deleted plywood by adding a divider in the bottom. This also allowed me to mount the crossover in the bottom compartment and keep it accessible. 

Click Here for Larger ImageI sure like how the well the veneer accepted the stain. I used a two ply veneer and applied it with contact cement. Its much better than the iron-on kind. Next time I'm going to paint the fronts first and stain second. I also won't be slopping polyurethane on a surface that I still need to paint because it shows through and the paint won't stick. Good thing I finished the backs first. I sanded the stain and polyurethane off the fronts before I finished them. 

Click Here for Larger ImageFront and back view showing where the ports are located. I made sure I could get to the ports in case I had to change them. I can reach the  ports through the bottom woofer cutout. The original design had them at the bottom of the cabinet below an internal brace. 

Click Here for Larger ImageJust finished painting the backs. I didn't seal the MDF before painting them. I did apply primer before painting but the MDF still absorbed a ton of paint. I think I spent more on paint than I did on veneer and stain. 

Click Here for Larger ImagePainting the fronts. Make sure to apply sealer to the MDF or you'll need lots of paint. Also, the paint doesn't stick to polyurethane very well so there are places where the paint peeled off with the tape. Next time... 

Click Here for Larger ImageFinished front and back. I just need to install the drivers and they're done. 

Click Here for Larger ImageThis is how big they are. 

Click Here for Larger ImageI put the crossover in the bottom in case I needed to tweak it. After listening to them I didn't need to bother with it. I won't be changing anything. You can see the nuts that accept the spikes. There is a difference in the sound with and with-out the spikes. Its not an earth shattering difference but the bass does sound a little more crisp and detailed with the spikes. 

Click Here for Larger ImageHere's the finished product down in the basement. As surround rear speakers they sound great. I think they look great too. 

Click Here for Larger ImageA close up showing the grain on the veneer. I used Minwax Red Oak stain, three coats of Minwax semigloss polyurethane finish and Rustoleum Stone Creations textured paint for the front.


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