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After over 60 years hobbytown of Boston diecast HO locomotive kits are no longer in production - not because there isn't a demand for them but with the decline of interest in build-it-yourself craftsman kits there just wasn't enough of a customer base to support the cost of producing them. Operating at a loss for the past 10 years, keeping the name alive was more of a passion than prudent business sense. At one time all of our machined parts like gears, shafts, flywheels and wheels came from a few good old Connecticut screw machine job shops and were produced at a very reasonable cost. As time passed they went out of business as the owners retired. I do try to update this site from time to time so keep in touch.


NEW ITEM: We now have the old reliable #100000K Universal Shaft Coupling Kits with coupling sockets to fit 2mm shafts! No more need to use bushings to increase size of those 2mm can motor shafts to fit the old 3/32" coupling sockets. Of course the old 3/32" sockets are still available so you can mix and match them for different shaft sizes. The universal balls and 3/32" square brass drive rod haven't changed and will work with both old and new sockets. Both kits are shown at the end of the PHOTOS section.


Some of you have asked about upgrading wheel sets from brass to nickel-plated wheels. I'm out of helical gears so I can't produce new wheel sets, but I can rebuild your old sets using the gears and bearings from your old sets with new axles and nickel-plated NMRA RP-25 contour wheels. I can't rebuild the old sets with the extended axle pins and one plastic wheel. Axle bearings can be round, square or no bearings (for trucks with the old brass U-bearings). I also have the RP-25 wheels in un-plated brass for those (like me) who prefer the better traction of brass wheels. Rebuilds are $4.00 per axle set. Contact me if you're interested in this service.

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