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* About my Collection : The beer labels, circa 1870’s thru 1950, represented a major portion of the series of US Beer Label Books and included many one'ers --- the only know survivor of the label. Most labels are unused or used, in very good condition. Some have handling and mounting tracks on the reverse from several different owners. The collection also includes go-with’s such as brewery photo’s, brewery scene post cards, letters, postal covers, advertising etc. You can gain more insight into how the early label collections were formed from this article -- Early Label Collectors. Please email for more detail on any specific item listed. Seller shares rights to images of items sold for future articles, books etc. Returns accepted within 4 days after receiving items.



BC = Brewing Co.;  BCp = Brewing Corp.; 

Bry = Brewery;  B’s = Breweries         

pp = Preprohibition, Generally before 1920

p = Prohibition, started early in some states; generally 1917ish to 1933

W = World War I period, 1918-1920  with alcohol limited to 2.75%w

U or L = Federal Permit Periods; L permits c1928-1933; u permits c1933-1936

i = irtp period. 1933-1950, 

n = after 1950 (not irtp)

g = 1989+ Government Warning Statement required on labels.