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References: One Hundred Years of Brewing, 1903, American Breweries II (IL-107) by Van Wieren 1995; US Beer Labels, Kay; US Beer Cans, BCCA; Brewery Directories.

Anticipating repeal, their name was changed to Monarch Brewing Co. in 1932 without major changes in management. They continued as a medium sized facility in the highly competitive Chicago market with keg and bottle products until the mid 1950’s when they added conetop and flat top cans. Monarch and Monarch Bock were their main brands, Encore was their premium, and Bullfrog was their low price beer. Augsburger (Dark) and Encore were initially sold only in draft, however, they eventually added Encore in bottle form. None gained wide acclaim, except possibly Bullfrog, which got negative publicity as cheap, but blatter aged. Looking back through both the good times and the bad, they left some great mementos for collectors.

Monarch Brewery (United Breweries Company), Chicago.—This brewery was founded as the Josef Hladovec Brewing Company in 1890, but in the following year came under the control of I. Baumgartl and Charles Stein, who organized the Monarch Brewing Company, under which name it was operated until 1898, when it was merged into the United Breweries Company. Messrs. Baumgartl and Stein had been prominently identified with the liquor business since 1875 and were the owners of the Calumet Distillery at New Chicago until they entered the brewing business. Mr. Baumgartl is chairman of the board of directors of the United Breweries Company, and Mr. Stein is a member of the directorate and manager of the Monarch Brewery branch of that company. This brewery has an annual capacity of one hundred and fifty thousand barrels, its output being well up toward those figures. An extensive bottling plant is in operation at this branch. From 100 Years of Brewing, 1903.


A new group of investors pieced together the Monarch Beverage Co. from the remains of United Brewing Company’s liquidation in 1922. Principles were Frank Schrader, Adolph Dirian, Joseph Hein and Henry Rose. Dirian had been Monarch’s Brewmaster in 1918. A new brewing concern in Chicago in1923 had to do business with speakeasies and bootleggers, so immediately this Beverage Co. was under a cloud of suspicion. A few labels from this period follow.