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         Carl Miller’s Beer Books Site                            

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         Gary Flynn’s Site               

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         Jay, Beer Bottle Guy in RI                                 

         Coastermania by George Barone                       


         Bob Myers Beer Can History Site                      

         Reisch Brew Crew                                             

         Richard Alonso’s Syracuse Breweriana             

         Ed Sipos Arizona Brewing Site                         

         Tony Pompa’s Upstate NY Histories                    

         Bruce Mobley’s Beer Bottle Library                 

         Ron Dettmann’s Beer Napkin site                     


      Beer Labels

         Beer Label Books                                                         beerlabelbooks

         New Label Finds, not pictured in Books                     newfinds

         Dating PrePro Labels — 1800’s to 1933                     datingprepro

         Dating Post-Pro Labels — 1933+                                datingpostpro

         Federal Permit Numbers — A, L, H & U                    L&Upermits

         Prohibition Label Articles                                            prohibitionarticles

         Chicago Brewery History Articles                               chichistories

         More Breweriana Articles                                            morearticles

         Working With Labels, — Hinging, Soaking, etc.        working



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