Text Box: This is folder WI Lots;  It’s  what's remains of Wisconsin labels 
from my collection sold as a single lot. 
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Individual labels are for sale in link WI.  Groups or lots from all Wisconsin cities, except Milwaukee, have already been sold. The remaining Milwaukee lots, listed below, reference the brewery number and label numbers pictured in the  Wisconsin Label Book (Wisconsin Beer Labels, The First 75 Years). This book is available in Terminal 2 of this web site at a reduced price, $45.


IndependentSold Brewery #311 in business from 1901-1964. Includes 60% of the labels pictured plus 5 Prohibition Soda’s, 2 Braumeister’s and 12 1950-1964 labels not pictured in the book. Also included are a group of miscellaneous neck labels from the brewery, a 1950 Brewery Photo, prepro business card, and a1951 letter signed by H. Newman Bills (VP). Missing #’s 1, 2, 8, 10-13, 15-18, 22-23, 25-26, 28, 32, 36.


Miller — $6600; Brewery #287 in business from 1855. Includes all of the 52 labels pictured in the book except #2, 8, 16, 18 plus many not pictured. Extra’s include prepro, Prohibition, and postpro letters, billheads, postcards, a choice prepro booklet, celluloid figures, etc. Must see to appreciate. The Miller Collection is in two notebooks.


Pabst Brg Co. (prepro) — $11,500; 1889-1920. Brewery #286 covering label numbers 20 through 61. This group includes 80+ prepro Pabst Brewing Co. labels, Of the 41 examples pictured in the book it includes close matches of all except #28, 30, 31, 46, 52, 53, 56, 57, 61. Go-withs include  a 1906 court document contesting the similarity of labels between Cairo Brewing Co. & Pabst Brewing Co. with real label  examples, numerous letterheads, letters, invoices, post cards, brochures, color labeled bottle pictures, branch and distributor correspondence, etc.


Pabst Corp. (Prohibition) — $2,200; 1920-1933. Brewery #286 covering label numbers 62 through 77. This lot includes 55 labels with all 15 labels pictured in the book except #63, 67, 70. Included are Puritan Malt Extract Co. and Premier Malt Products Co. labels. Go-withs include correspondence with distributors, color ads, etc.


Premier-Pabst Corp. — $2,750; 1933-1938. Brewery #286 covering label numbers 78 through 100. This lot includes more than 140 labels covering and expanding on all 22 designs pictured plus a few brands and many variations not pictured.


Pabst Brg Co. (postpro) — $750  ; 1938-1950. Brewery                                   #286 covering label numbers 101 through 117. This lot includes more than 80 labels covering and expanding on all designs pictured plus brands and many variations not pictured. Extras include a 1950 photo of the brewery, a brewery scene post card and an assortment of letters.


Schlitz after Prohibition — $1880  1933-1950. Brewery # 316 labels #79-103. This 160 label lot includes all pictured labels plus many more. It covers the return of the familiar brown rhomboid label with a variety of “Repeal Overprints” such as Repeal Special (in black, red or white), RS, or Special. Includes labels touting Vitamin D or Sunshime Vitamin D, Schlitz Bock and the transition from the 24oz bottle to 32oz plus a variety of correspondence, paper collectables and history articles. Includes speciality neck labels to accompany the brown rhomboid labels plus unique neck labels designed for Royal Ruby glassware bottles, numerous 1934 and 1941 Draught 1/2G bottlers labels, and a very complete series of Old Milwaukee and Old Milwaukee Bock labels which cover several design changes.