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Pocket Planners, Monthly and Weekly and
A Variety of hand outs and gifts For special events
and Installations

Silver Plated 25 yr Pin $6.00 each

Examples of Art Work for calendars and products

Gavel Plaque

Masonic Key Ring $4.00 each

Masonic Train Jacket, Click on link to right under new items




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  Bell Advertising has been around since the 1980s when two brothers of Mount Hermon Lodge saw the need to provide quality products to brothers at a reasonable price.


The mission of Bell Advertising extends to today, providing service to Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia and Delaware

Lodges and brethren. 


If you need or are looking for anything related to Masonry or the allied bodies , this is the place.  We are currently updating and expanding our website to bring you, our brother, quality products at the best possible prices available.

For ring orders, please keep in mind when you contact us to get a price we need the following information:

1.  The ring size

2.  Whether you want a Open (hollow) back or Closed (filled in) Back {the area behind the emblem face}

3.  What emblem you desire, if the ring style offers this option

4.  Whether you want 10k or 14k gold.  REMEMBER:  14k gold is a softer metal and brethren who work with their

hands should consider the 10k gold.

We will get back to you with the current price, as this changes with the price of the Gold Market.


IF you see another supplier offering an item, PLEASE contact us and we will attempt to get that item for you.


Bell Advertising still offers the items for installations, such as calendars, pens and other trinkets at great prices!!

NEW: Masonic Regalia       

NEW:  Masonic Train Jacket

NEW:  Masonic Stainless Steal Band Rings  $50.00 each plus s/h

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