History of Bellamy Lines

Here is an account of the Bellamy Family Lines (of which this research on the page may or may NOT run into).  Our Bellamy family Line really didn't get to the USA until last 18th, and early 19th century.  Although I do not have direct connections to these stories below, I hope to find some.  The earliest Bellamy with dirct line to myself (and others) we have mapped is John Bellamy from 1395.  There are possible links from this early time.  And the stories below "could be" parents to our line and this starting John.


The name of BELLAMY is of ancient French origin and was derived from the French belle amie or bel ami, meaning “good friend”.  It is found on early English and American records in the various spellings of Belami, Belamy, Belesme, Belmy, Bellmy, Belamye, Bellamye, Belame, Bellemy, Bellamey, Belamey, Bellame, Bellome, Bellomey, Bellomy, Bellamy and others, of which the form last mentioned is the most generally used in America today.

Amoung the earliest records of the name in England are those of Henry Belamy of the latter half of the thirdteenth century; Hugh Belami of Cambridgeshire in 1273; Roger Belamy of Oxfordshire in the latter thirteenth century; and John Belamy of Somersetshire about the year 1327.

One prominent line of the family was descended from John Bellamy of Country Middlesex and London in the latter fourteenth century, who was the father of Henry, father of Robert, father of Thomas, father of William, ho married Joan Wright and was the father by her of Richard, William, Edward, Henry, and possibly of others as well.  Of these sons of William and Joan, Richard was the father by his wife, Mabel Boys or Boyce, of a son named William, who married Katherine Page and was the father of Richard, Thomas, Bartholomew, Robert, Jerome, and Dorothy.  Of the sons of William and Katherine, Richard was the father by his wife, Katherine Foster, of Faith, Thomas, Audrey, and Mary; and Robert was the father of William, Peter, and Michael.

Another early line was that of Nicolas Bellame or Bellamy of Nottinghamsire in the early fifteenth century.  He was the father of a son named Robert, who was the father of Robert, who married Margery Okeover in the early sixteenth century and was the father about the year 1539 of a son named Original, who made his home in Yorkshire and was the father by his wife, the Widow Barbara (nee Nettleship) Byllet or Bellet, of a son also named Original.  This last-mentioned Original married Mary Chauntry or Chaunterelle and was the father in the early seventeenth century of Original, Hugh, Jane, Alice, Samuel, Mary, Richard, Barnham, Robert, George, Charles, William, Anthony and Thomas.

In the latter sixteenth century a Robert Bellamy of Worcestershire married bridget More and was the father by her of a son named Edward, who made his home at London and was the father by his first wife, Elizabeth Sterne, of Edward, John, Mary, and Hanna.  It is probable that he had no further issue by his second wife, Mary Cole.

While the connections between these various branches of the family in England and the early emigrants of the name to America have not been found, it is believed that most, if not all, of the Bellamys derived from French ancestors of extremely ancient times through a long line of English gentry.

The first of the name in America was John Bellamy, a merchant, who came from London to America sometime before 1644 and settled at New London, Conn.  He is, however, said to have been lost at sea while returning from a journey to London about 1646 and is generally believed to have left no children here.

A Matthew Bellamy resided at Stratford, Conn., about 1648 and was earlier at Fairfield, in the same colony.  He was a school master and also taught at Guilford, Killigworth, Saybrook, and New Haven, Conn., in the last of which towns he finally settled.  In 1671 he married Bethia Ford, by whom he was the father of Matthew, Bethia, Elizabeth, and Mary.

Matthew, son of the immigrant of that name, resided at Wellingford, Conn.   One authority states that his first wife was Sarah Wood, while others assert his wife was named Mary Johnson.  Actually, both are correct, as he was twice married.  By his first wife Sarah he was the father of Mary, matthew, Samuel, James, Joseph (celebrated clergyman and educator), and John.  By his second wife Mary he had further issue of Moses, Aaron, Sarah, Hannah, and Anna.

The descendants of these various branches of the family in America have settled in all parts of the United States and have aided greatly both in the founding and development of the nation.  They may be described as an active, energetic, progressive, and conscientious race, of high integrity.

Among these of the name who fought in the War of the Revolution were Asa, of Connecticut; Abner and Charles, of Massachusetts; and Sergeant John, of Maine; as well as numerous others.

Henry, John, Robert, Edward, Thomas, Richard, Hugh, Charles, Matthew, Joseph, William, and James are some of the Christian names most favored by the family for its male progeny.

A few of the Bellamys who have distinguished themselves and their name in America in more recent times are:

  • Edward Bellamy (850-1898), of Massachusetts, Author.
  • Francis Rufus Bellamy (b. 1886) of New York, author and editor.
  • Paul Bellamy (b. 1884), of New York, author and editor
K. Bellamy