Air Medical Evacuation (Medevac) Helicopters
in the Northeastern United States

Including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Ohio, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Washington, D.C.

north map of medevac in NE
south map of medevac in NE

Civilian air medical programs have become an integral part of EMS operations in this country. Being able to give emergency room level treatment within the "golden hour" has saved the lives of countless individuals across the country. A large portion of the northeastern U.S. appears to be blessed with a near plethora of medical helicopters, especially in the more densely populated areas. As a volunteer firefighter, I get to see my local air medical programs in action fairly often (PennSTAR, University Medevac, SkyCare).

In the tables below, radio frequency information and unit ID information is included for each service (where available). Helicopter base locations are listed on the right for each program. Please remember that the designators listed on the right side of the table are not necessarily helicopter specific; they may be base location/crew specific. Listening in on the action can be fun, but please be responsible with what you may hear.

Additions or corrections may be sent to Ben Russell.

A great source for images of the many helicopters listed below is Alec Buck's EMS Helicopters Page. For all of you folks who migrate south for the winter, a cool map of Florida's Air Medical Programs can be found here. The site is maintained by Bayflite, one of Florida's air med operations. Medical helos of Iowa and surrounding areas are profiled here.

Programs are listed in alphabetical order based on aircraft call signs (i.e. Medevac, PennSTAR, SkyCare, etc.). I am only trying to list programs that regularly perform or are equipped to perform field medevac operations (MVA's, head injuries, other trauma, etc.). I am not listing transfer only or fixed wing only services. If I've listed a program that only performs interfacility transports, let me know. I've never been to many of these areas and am relying heavily on the web and individual contributions.

MAP NOTE: I hit a technical glitch with the older version of Streets and Trips I used to make the map images on this page.  The map will not accept any more points.  Until I get around to purchasing new software or figuring out another way to make the maps, we'll all have to live with the phrase "not on map" that appears with some listings below.  Sorry for the inconvenience....

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PennSTAR makes a visit to West Norriton Twp. (PA) for the 2002 W. Norriton Optimist Club Toys for Tots Program.
The pick-up was taken to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.
Photos by Ben Russell


Guthrie Health System(red square)
website link

453.900 (100.0) - Dispatch/Operations
Guthrie Air 1 - Sayre
Jefferson Health System (not on map)
website link

Sunshine Trunked System - Dispatch/Operations
JeffSTAT 1 (aka LifeNet-62) - Philadelphia
JeffSTAT 2 (aka LifeNet-63) - Lansdale
Allegheny General Hospital (Purple Circles)
website link

155.235(127.3) - Dispatch/Operations

Life Flight-1 - Pittsburgh
Life Flight-3 - Indiana
Life Flight-4 - Butler
Life Flight-5 - Rostraver
Life Flight-6 - Westmoreland Co.
Geisinger Medical Center (Green Circles)
website link

155.160(151.4) - Dispatch/Operations (LF-1)
155.325(151.4) - Dispatch/Operations (LF-2)
453.125(151.4) - Dispatch/Operations (LF-3)

Life Flight-1 - Danville
Life Flight-2 - State College
Life Flight-3 - Wilkes-Barre
Life Flight-4 - Williamsport
Life Flight-5 - Schuylkill Co.
Penn State Hershey Medical Center (Light Blue Circles)
website link

155.355(146.2) - Dispatch/Operations
155.205(146.2) - Channel 2
Life Lion 1 - Hershey
Life Lion 2 - Carlisle
Ships: N896LL and N600LL
Emergycare (Yellow Square)
website link

462.950(141.3) - Dispatch
155.220(103.5) - Operations
Sadly, the LifeStar aircraft was involved in a fatal crash on October 7, 2005.
This accident killed the pilot, Heinz Schultz, who was the only crew member on board at the time.
New helo in service since Nov 2006.
Life Star-1 - Harborcreek
STAT Medevac (Red Square)
website link
website link - Guthrie (operated by STAT, effective 7/1/03)
155.265(103.5) - STAT Dispatch/Operations
159.480(103.5) - STAT Dispatch/Operations
453.900(100.0) - Guthrie Dispatch/Operations
Medevac-1 - Washington
Medevac-2 - Greensburg
Medevac-3 - Butler
Medevac-4 - West Mifflin
Medevac-5 - Connellsville
Medevac-6 - Clarion
Medevac-7 - Greenville
Medevac-9 - Clearfield
Medevac-11 - Altoona.
Medevac-13 - York
Medevac-16 - Ford City
LVH Medevac (Yellow Circles)
website link
464.200(???.?) - Dispatch/Operations (LifeCom)
Medevac-1 - Kutztown
Medevac-2 - Stroudsburg
Medevac-4 - Weatherly
Medevac-7 - Pottsville (wrecked)
Hahnemann University Medevac (Yellow Circles)
website link
155.220(136.5) - Dispatch/Operations
Medevac-3 - Limerick
Medevac-6 - Limerick
Medevac-8 - Lancaster
Conemaugh Health System (White Triangles)
website link

155.340(107.2) - Dispatch/Operations
Medstar-1 - Somerset
Medstar-2 - Hastings (map still shows Altoona)
U. of Penn. PennSTAR Flight (Dark Blue Circles)
website link
155.385(100.0) - Dispatch/Operations
155.355(100.0) - Channel 2
PennSTAR-1 - Blue Bell
PennSTAR-2 - West Chester/Brandywine
PennSTAR-3 - Nazareth
PennSTAR-4 - Reading
PennSTAR-5 - Lehighton
PennSTAR-6 - Blue Bell
Brandywine Sky FlightCare (Red Circle)
website link

155.235(67.0) - Dispatch
451.025(123.0) - Operations Repeater
Sky Care-1 - Coatesville
Sky Care-2 - Coatesville

Neighboring States


Christiana LifeNet (White Square)
website link
DE statewide digital trunked system - Operations
160.020(156.7) - Dispatch/Ops LifeNet-61 (VoIP link to LifeCom Dispatch Services)
151.850(???.?) - Dispatch/Ops LifeNet-64

LifeNet-61 - Wilmington
LifeNet-64 - Georgetown

Delaware State Police (Black Crosses)
website link
DE statewide digital trunked system - Dispatch/Operations

Trooper-2 - Georgetown
Trooper-3 - Dover, DSP HQ
Trooper-4 - Middletown
Trooper-5 - Dover, back-up?

Maryland (and Washington, D.C.)

United States Park Police (Purple P)
website link
166.925(127.3) - Dispatch
Eagle-1 - Washington, D.C.
Eagle-2 - Washington, D.C.
Eagle-3 - Washington, D.C.

STAT Medevac (Red Square)
website link
155.265(103.5) - STAT Dispatch/Operations
159.480(103.5) - Dispatch/Operations

Medevac-10 - Baltimore
Medevac-12 - Hagerstown

Washington Hospital Center MedSTAR (Purple W's)
website link
462.950(77.0) - Dispatch/Operations
MedSTAR-1 - Frederick
MedSTAR-2 - Indian Head
MedSTAR-3 - Easton

Maryland State Police (Dark Blue Triangles)
website link
44.740(110.9) - Dispatch
47.660(100.0) - Operations

Trooper-1 - Baltimore
Trooper-2 - Washington
Trooper-3 - Frederick
Trooper-4 - Salisbury
Trooper-5 - Cumberland
Trooper-6 - Centreville
Trooper-7 - California (S. Maryland)
Trooper-8 - Norwood

New Jersey

Atlantic Health Care (not on map)
website link

462.975 (192.8) - Dispatch
463.175 (D156) - Operations
NJSP Trunked System - UMDNJ REMCS Coordnation
Atlantic Air-1 - Netcong
MONOC (not on map)
website link

462.950 (210.7) - Dispatch/Operations
NJSP Trunked System - UMDNJ REMCS Coordnation
Medevac-1 - Toms River
Hahnemann University Medevac (Yellow Circles)
website link

155.220(136.5) - Dispatch/Operations
NJSP Trunked System - UMDNJ REMCS Coordnation
Medevac-5 - Hammonton
New Jersey State Police (Light Blue Triangles)
website link

155.295(85.4) - Northstar Dispatch (University Hospital)
NJSP trunked system - Southstar Dispatch/Northstar and Southstar Operations
Northstar - Somerville
Southstar - Voorhees

New York

Onondaga Co. Sheriff (not on map, metro Syracuse)
website link
???.??? - Dispatch/Operations
Air-1 - Syracuse area

Westchester Medical Center STAT Flight (Purple Triangles)
website link
463.000/463.075 Base, 468.000 Mobile(all 179.9) - Dispatch/Operations

Air-1 - Valhalla
Air-2 - Wallkill

LifeNet of New York (Purple A)
website link

LifeCom Dispatch(Omaha, NE):
155.265 (162.2) - Dispatch/Operations

LifeNet-71 - Albany
LifeNet-72 - Glen (not on map)
LifeNet-73 - Valhalla
LifeNet-74 - Wallkill
LifeNet-75 - Harris (not on map)

NYPD Aviation Unit (not on map)
website link
470.8375(136.5) - Citywide S.O.D. Dispatch Channel
482.4875(136.5) - Staten Island S.O.D. Simulcast
Aviation-## - Brooklyn

Mercy Flight Central (Green Triangles)
website link
453.175 - Dispatch/Operations
(PL 110.9 - Canandaigua Tower, PL 146.2 - Marcellus Tower)
155.175(110.9) - F-2
461.625(151.4) - F-3

Central-1 - Marcellus
Central-2 - Canandaigua
Central-3 - Marcellus (back-up)

Nassau Co. Police Dept. (Purple N)
website link
477.2875(179.9) - Ch. 13 (Aviation/Marine) Dispatch/Ops

Helicopter-4 - Bethpage
Helicopter-7 - Bethpage
Helicopter-8 - Bethpage
Suffolk Co. Police Dept. (Purple S)
website link
155.685(146.2) - Dispatch ("Command Band", patched to trunked system)
155.325(156.7) - Operations
Helicopter-1 - Islip or Westhampton
Helicopter-2 - Islip or Westhampton
Helicopter-3 - Islip or Westhampton

New York State Police (Purple Crosses)
website link
North Country Life Flight medics staff 1H9.
???.??? - Dispatch/Operations
Colonie EMS medics staff 1H12.
LifeCom dispatches 1H12:
155.265(162.2) - Dispatch/Operations
North Area Volunteer Ambulance Corps medics staff 1H16.
???.??? - Dispatch/Operations
Mobile Life Support Services, Inc. medics staff 1H17/1H18.
155.385(77.0) - Dispatch/Operations
Mercy Flight medics staff 1H?? (Batavia).
155.715(82.5) - Dispatch/Operations

Lifeguard-9 (1H9, N9SP) - Saranac Lake
Lifeguard-12 (1H12, N12SP) - Albany
Lifeguard-16 (1H16, N16SP) - Syracuse
Lifeguard-17 (1H17, N17SP) - Newburgh
Lifeguard-18 (1H18, N18SP) - Newburgh
Lifeguard-?? - Batavia

Other helos include: N11SP, N13SP, N19SP, N20SP, N174SP, N430SP, N432NY, N600 (not all are medevac equipped. If someome knows which ones are, I'd appreciate a note.)

Mercy Flight (Yellow Triangles)
website link
155.715(82.5) - Dispatch/Operations
Mercy Flight-1 - Hamburg
Mercy Flight-2 - Hamburg (back-up)
Mercy Flight-5 - Olean

STAT Medevac (Red Squares)
website link
155.265(103.5) - STAT Dispatch/Operations
159.480(103.5) - STAT Dispatch/Operations

Medevac-17 - Dansville
Chautauqua Co. Sheriff (Red Triangle)
website link
156.210(???.?) - Operations (also Sheriff Dispatch/Car-car)
Starflight Medivac - Jamestown (2 ships)


University Air Care (U. of Cincinnati) (Black Circle)
website link

462.975(127.3) - Dispatch/Operations

Air Care-1 - Cincinnati
Air Care-2 - Hamilton (part-time)

Care Flight, Miami Valley Hospital (Black Square)
website link
462.950(192.8) - Dispatch
155.280(no PL) - Operations

Care Flight-1 - Dayton
Care Flight-2 - Dayton

Metro Life Flight (Green Squares)
website link
155.385(203.5) - Dispatch/Operations

Life Flight-1 - Cleveland
Life Flight-2 - Highland Hills
Life Flight-3 - Canton
Life Flight-4 - Back-up

St. Vincent/MCH Life Flight (Purple Squares)
website link
453.150/458.150(203.5) - Dispatch
155.295(141.3) - Dispatch for LF-3, handled by Hanco Ambulance
Ohio MARCS trunked system - Operations

Life Flight-1 - Toledo
Life Flight-2 - Wauseon
Life Flight-3 - Bluffton
Life Flight-4 - Fremont
Life Flight-5 - Back-up

MedFlight (Light Blue Squares)
website link
155.400(141.3) - Dispatch (Operations when out of trunked system range)
Ohio MARCS trunked system - Primary Operations
AEP trunked system - Operations (back-up)

MedFlight-0 - Back-up
MedFlight-1 - Columbus
MedFlight-2 - Allen Center
MedFlight-3 - Wellston
MedFlight-4 - Coshocton
MedFlight-5 - Lodi
MedFlight-6 - McConnellsville
MedFlight-7 - Portsmouth (aka HealthNet-4)

University Hospitals of Cleveland (not on map)
website link
155.265(103.5) - Dispatch/Operations (back-up)
155.325(91.5) - Operations (back-up)
Ohio MARCS trunked system - Dispatch/Operations
Medevac-1 - Middlefield
Medevac-2 - Lorain

STAT Medevac (Red Squares)
website link
155.265(103.5) - STAT Dispatch/Operations
159.480(103.5) - STAT Dispatch/Operations

Medevac-14 - Youngstown
Medevac-20 - Cleveland

ProMedica Air (Toledo Hospital) (Black Triangles)
website link
461.225(203.5) Dispatch
461.225(67.0) Mobile Operations
453.125(79.7) Air Operations
136.550 (AM)"Air Channel"
461.150(67.0) South Tower
461.525(D-532) West Tower
462.150(85.4) East Tower

Promedica-1 - Toledo
Promedica-2 - Defiance
Promedica-3 - Findlay

West Virginia

HealthNet (Dark Blue Squares)
website link
155.400(156.7) WVOEMS Region 6/7 - HealthNet-1 Disp.
155.160(186.2) WVOEMS Region 3/4 - HealthNet-2 Disp.
155.355(110.9) WVOEMS Region 2 - HealthNet-3 Disp.
463.175/468.175 - Operations
HealthNet-1 - Morgantown
HealthNet-2 - Charleston
HealthNet-3 - Huntington

New England States


Hartford Hospital Life Star (Purple H's)
website link
155.385(123.0) - Dispatch/Operations
461.3875(141.3) - Operations (crew portables)

Life Star-1- Norwich
Life Star-2 -Hartford


Life Flight of Maine (Purple M's)
website link
453.650/458.650(103.5) - Dispatch/Operations

Life Flight-1 -Bangor
Life Flight-2 - Lewiston


UMass Memorial Hospital Life Flight (Purple U's)
website link
155.160(118.8) - Dispatch/Operations

Life Flight-1 - Worcester
Boston MedFlight (Purple B's)
website link
460.800/465.800(PL varies*) - Dispatch/Operations
* - 114.8 Boston, 103.5 Hanscom Field, 127.3 Plymouth
MedFlight-1 - Bedford
MedFlight-2 - Bedford
MedFlight-3 - Plymouth

New Hampshire

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Advanced Response Team (Purple D)
website link
155.325(141.3) - Dispatch/Operations

DHART-1 - Lebanon
DHART-2 - Lebanon

Rhode Island and Vermont have no civilian medevac operations. These states are served by programs in surrounding states and/or by military flights.

United States Military & Coast Guard

Military Units

Military listings have been removed due to lack of current information. If enough submissions are received on military medevac flights in the coverage area, I would be happy to compile and repost the info.

United States Coast Guard

USCG performs medevac and search and rescue operations up and down the Atlantic coast.
Below is a list of the VHF-FM marine radio frequencies (and a few commonly used UHF AM frequencies) utilized by USCG and a list of air stations in the northeast.

156.800 - VHF marine radio Ch.16
157.050 - VHF marine radio Ch. 21
157.100 - VHF marine radio Ch. 22
157.150 - VHF marine radio Ch. 23
157.075 - VHF marine radio Ch. 81
157.125 - VHF marine radio Ch. 82
157.175 - VHF marine radio Ch. 83
282.800 - USCG Aircraft UHF Search & Rescue
345.000 - USCG Aircraft UHF Ops Primary
237.900 - USCG Aircraft UHF Ops Secondary
326.150 - USCG Aircraft UHF Working Primary
379.050 - USCG Aircraft UHF Working Secondary

5696 kHz - USCG HF Night Primary (USB AM)
8983 kHz - USCG HF Day Primary (USB AM)
11202 kHz - USCG HF (USB AM)

USCG Atlantic Area
CGAS Atlantic City, NJ (Fifth District)
CGAS Cape Cod, MA (First District)
CGAS Washington, D.C. (located at Andrews AFB)
Helos can also operate from landing pad equipped cutters.


Common Air Band Frequencies for Helicopters

121.500 - Air Band Emergency Frequency
123.025 - UNICOM (standard helo air-air) (used heavily in Philly and Baltimore/D.C. areas)
123.050 - UNICOM/CTAF
123.075 - UNICOM/CTAF
123.100 - Search & Rescue
123.450 - MULTICOM (air-air)
135.975 - Advisory (often used as a secondary air-air for helos in the Philly area)

Additions or corrections may be sent to Ben Russell. Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far. Confirmed information is preferred; I can guess and speculate myself, I don't need someone else to do it for me.

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