Recent acquisition of data is causing this page to change a great deal. Stay tuned for updates and improvements.
I will list the earliest ancestor as in order to maintain some consistency with the other families listed in my pages. This will be extended as I learn more.

I have recently determined that I had incorrectly identified the father of Amos8 HASTINGS as Frank7 HASTINGS. The birth record for Amos shows that his father was Jonas HASTINGS. After learning this I connected via GenForum and Genealogy List servers with at least three folks who have various pieces of the line from Amos, through Jonas and for one all the way to John1. I am posting the latest data I can determine, but reserve judgment as far as its authenticity until I can back it all up with acceptable source data. I will reference the sources as I go along, and eventually set up detailed references as I will for all my major families.

Shown below my line as best as I can currently determine, I have included John1 HASTINGS and Walter2 HASTINGS to aid other researchers. Eventually I'd like to add all the HASTINGS data I have gathered and not used.

Why am I putting the data up before I have completely Verified it? I hope to find that this will encourage readers and fellow genealogists to offer conflicting/corrective sources to assist in getting the line correct. This has been a difficult line for me for many years, and it finally seems to be opening up. Any comments, criticism, or corrections regarding this family will be gratefully (for the most part *s*) accepted.

Links within this page, in the tradition of my other web pages, will be added to this family, soon.

I must give thanks here to Wayne McElreavy mac@cyberportal.net ; Debby Donovan DMDonovan@aol.com ; and Charlotte Jones wjones@castles.com for their immense help in researching this family.

Jerry Lovejoy

7.  JOHN2, son of ROBERT1, b. 2 or 3 Sep 1691 in Haverhill, MA; m. Ednah BAILEY in 1717. Ednah was dtr of Joseph2 Bailey, b. 26 Jun 1686, Bradford, Essex Co., MA. Marriage in Haverhill VRs calls her Ednah Bealy, and sets date as 2 May 1717. Birth of John2 verified in Haverhill VRs.
9. JOHN3, see below.

10. JAMES3.


12. JONAS3.

9.  JOHN3, son of JOHN2, b. 23 Jan 1717/18 in Haverhill, MA (verified in Haverhill VRs); m. Rebekah KELLY before 1757 at Haverhill (Haverhill VRs); he died  25 Nov 1794 at Haverhill; she died 5 Oct 1758 at Haverhill (both deaths in Haverhill VRs). Mass. Soldiers & Sailors in the War of the Revolution may show him as the John from Cambridge, but this is merely speculation at this point. New Hampshire Vital Records, hereafter referred to as NHVR, list his marriage to Rebecca Kaley, both residents of Methuen, MA, at Salem, NH on 9 Jun 1743.
13. AMOS4, see below. 13.  AMOS4, son of JOHN3, b. 3 Feb 1757 at Haverhill, MA (Haverhill VRs); m. Elizabeth WILEY on 10 Sep 1778 at Haverhill, MA (VRs).  Mass. Soldiers & Sailors in the War of the Revolution, lists Amos as a private in Capt. Richard Ayer's 2nd Haverhill Co., Col. Johnson's Reg., which "marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775", for a service of 5 days. The Records of the Mass. Volunteer Militia, by Brigadier General Gardner W. Pearson, 1913, has a listing for Amos Hastings as a private in Capt. J. Patten's Company, Lt. J. Waugh's Regiment, from Sept. 14th to Sept. 24th, 1814, "Raised at Norridgewock. In Camp at Waterville, awaiting orders." Whereas son Jonas5, is born in Maine, there be some connection, perhaps Amos liked what he saw while stationed there.
14. SUSANNA5, m. Joseph Gay.

15. JONAS5, see below.

16. AMOS5, b. 31 Mar 1781; m. Deborah Howe.

17. BETSY5, b. 18 May 1782 at Fryeburg, Oxford Co., ME; m. Josiah Russell on 4 Jun 1798 at Bethel, Oxford Co., ME; d. Mar 1861.

18. TIMOTHY5, b. 31 Oct 1791; m. Hannah Bean.

19. LUCINDA5, 17 Apr 1794; m. Thomas Fletcher.

20. JOHN5, b. 6 May 1796; m. Abigail Straw.

21. HULDA5, b. 17 Apr 1798; m. Nathaniel Barker.

15 JONAS5, son of AMOS4, b. 28 Jul 1779 in Maine; m. Affie (Apphia?) BAKER before Dec 1804, possibly in Maine. Shown in 1850 Census as living with son Jonas Jr.6(#28).
22. ALBION6, b. 19 Aug 1807 at Cornish, NH (NHVRs).

23. BENJAMIN B.6, see below.

24. MARIA6, see below.

25. WILLIAM6, see below.

26. JONATHAN B.6, see below.

27. ROSILLA6, see below.

28. AFFIE6, b. 5 Mar 1824 at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH (Apphia in NHVRs); m. Julius Owen. Listed as Apphia in IGI.

29. JONAS, Jr.6, b. 27 Jan 1826 at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH; m. Mary Ann Whitaker on 31 Oct 1847 at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH. Birth and marriage listed in IGI. Appears in 1850 Census.

30. AMOS6, see below.

31. JOHN6.

32. PAMELIA6, b. Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH; d. Jun 1836 at 8 years of age.

23.  BENJAMIN B.6, son of JONAS5; b. 6 Dec 1804 in Maine (Bethel, Maine according to NHVR for second marriage of son Jonas L.; m. Eliza Smith, dtr of Ebenezer Smith and Damoras Darling of Grantham, 17 Mar 1831 at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH.

The 1850 Census shows wife Elvira age 43, b. NH. The 1850 Census also shows Benjamin was a farmer with $900 worth of real estate, born in Maine. Moved from Grantham to Croyden, NH in 1858. Lived on Silas Wakefield's farm. The 1850 Census also shows an Abigail, age 78, living with Benjamin. Benjamin and his family are shown on the Newport NH web site ( http://www.NewportNH.com/Ancestors/gen18.htm ) and the related site for Northville Cemetery (at Newport) records ( http://www.NewportNH.com/Ancestors/north9.htm ). These sites show Benjamin's d. on 5 Jan 1892 at age 87, buried at lot B22 of the Northville Cemetery at Newport. His wife Eliza is also shown as b. 8 Dec 1806; d. on 26 Aug 1888 at age 85; buried in lot B22 with husband. Unless otherwise noted, the children listed below all appear on these same web sites.

  33. ELIJAH DARLING7, b. 2 Nov 1831 at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH; a farmer living w/ father according to 1850 Census; m. Frances Corbin. Reportedly studied law with Amasa Edes, Esquire. Moved to St. Louis, MO.

34. DANIEL7, b. 15 Mar 1833, at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH; d. at age 5 on 21 Mar 1838 at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH. Not shown on Newport NH web site referenced above.

35. ALEXANDER7, see below.

36. ANDREW JACKSON7, see below.

37. EDWIN C.7, see below.

38. ZILPHA CLEMENT7, b. 27 Mar 1840 at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH or at Williamstown, VT; living w/ father for 1850 Census; m. William Henry Dewey on 20 Apr 1858; also resided in Unity, NH; d. 26 Nov 1934 at Newport, Sullivan Co., NH.

39. ELVIRA B.7(ALVIRA), b. 5 Sep 1842 at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH; living w/ father for 1850 Census; m. Frank S. Taylor.

40. LYMAN B.7, b. 10 Oct 1846 at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH; living w/ father for 1850 Census; m. Jennie Beman.

41. LEWIS J.7, b. 27 Mar 1848 (may be an error, see ELIZA A. below), at at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH, not shown in 1850 Census. Not shown on Newport NH web site referenced above.

42. ELIZA A.7, see below.

43. ELIAS7, b. abt 1850, at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH; shown with Benjamin in 1850 Census. Not shown on Newport NH web site referenced above.

44. JAMES L.7, see below.

45. SARAH7,see below.

24.  MARIA6, daughter of JONAS5; b. abt 1809 at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH or in Maine; m. Joseph Hastings II, a farmer, on 29 Dec 1829 in Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH.
25. WILLIAM6, son of JONAS5; b. abt 1814 at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH; m. Mary Hart, b. 1817 at Goffstown, NH, dtr of Charles Hart and Sarah Kidder, on 10 Jun 1834 at Grantham; NHVR shows William marrying Mary Kidder on date shown above; Mary d. of hemorrhage of the lungs on at Grantham on 1 Dec 1896 at age 79 years, 5 mos, 22 days, listed as widow and housekeeper on death record with Dr. F. Von Table of Lebanon as signatory; buried at North Grantham (NHVR); William was a farmer.

46. SOPHIA B.7, b. 3 Aug 1832 at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH; according to Grantham VRs.

47. SYLVESTER7, b. 7 Jan 1836 at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH; m. Juline .

48. JOHN NELSON7, see below.

49. SALLY ANN7, b. 13 Aug 1840 at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH (VRs).

50. AFFIE S.7, b. abt 1844 at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH.

51. MARY A.7, b. abt 1846 at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH; (according to Union Church Records (UCR) of Claremont, found at Fiske Free Library at Claremont, NH). UCR shows a Mary Addie d. 20 Jul 1887 and a Mary A. d 18 Oct 1889.

52. GEORGE7, b. abt 1856 at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH.

26. JONATHAN B.6, son of JONAS5; b. 25 Jul 1817 at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH; m. Rosina B. Kidder, dtr of Alen Kidder and Betsey , on 21 Feb 1839 at Grantham. Latter Day Saints' (LDS) International Genealogical Index (IGI) lists his birth as 23 Jul 1817.

53. ROSILLA SOPHRONIA7, b. 6 Jun 1840 at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH.

54. MARTIN VAN BUREN7, b. 2 Jun 1844.

55. MANDANA (MANDANIA, MANDANIE)7, b. abt 1846 at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH.

56. ARMENA7, b. at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH; m. John Whitehead.

57. JAMES7, b. at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH; m. Jennie Leavitt.

58. EUGENE7, b. at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH; d. at age 3 or 4.

59. ?7, b. at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH; d. in infancy.

60. MONROE7, b. abt 1855 at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH.

27. ROSILLA6, daughter of JONAS5; b. 19 Aug 1820 at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH (IGI); m. George Colburn, a farmer; a James Hastings, age 80, was living with them in 1850.
29.  JONAS, Jr.6, son of JONAS5, b. 27 Jan 1826 at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH; m. Mary Ann Whitaker on 31 Oct 1847 at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH. Birth and marriage listed in IGI. 1850 Census shows him as age 24, a farmer, with $900 worth of real estate, with: (1) wife Mary Ann, age 22, b. NH; (2) Jonas5 Hastings, age 69, farmer; and (3) Apphia Hastings, age 66; in Grantham, NH. Jonas Jr. may be the Jonas shown by UCR to have died on 14 Apr 1892.

61. J. ALBION7, see below.

30.  AMOS6, son of JONAS5,  b. February 16, 1828 at Grantham, NH (or in England, according to a History Of Barnet, VT., by Frederick Palmer Wells. 1923, page 487, hereafter referred to as HOB).

According to Descendants of Henry Hastings (DOHH), from Charlotte Jones, and the marriage record for Bertha5 Hastings, Amos m. Nancy MANCHESTER ca 1850. He m. before 1865 to Nancy L. SAWYER , b. at Brighton, VT (VRs for births of children) or abt 1824 at Island Pond, VT (HOB), (the records conflict here,  she died 31 Dec 1834 at age 53 yrs 6 mos. accord to the gravestone, is buried with her husband).

He enlisted in the Union Army, according to his gravestone and HOB he was a sharpshooter in the 2nd NH Regiment of US Volunteers, Company C, from Enfield NH. HOB notes that he was captured by the Confederates and incarcerated at Libby Prison at the close of the war. This was in Richmond, VA, and was a particularly unsanitary place second in infamy only to Andersonville, among Confederate prisons. From the Civil War Discharge, and records of his application for pension seem to indicate this to be unlikely. These records also seem to indicate Amos had had only one wife, Nancy Sawyer. As I resolve these I will correct this page.

Amos is listed in 1860 Census as age 30, a Scythe Maker, born in NH; listing includes Nancy (age 26, b. VT), John (age 7, b. VT), Rosaline (age 5, b.NH), and Frank (age 3, b. NH).

Amos was a resident of Littleton, NH and Claremont, NH. The Claremont City Directory of 1887 shows him residing at his home on Walnut St. He died at 64 on 19 July 1891 at Claremont, NH and is buried in the Pleasant St. Cemetery, section F, lot 16, very near where daughter Cora lies with husband Edgar E. Lovejoy.

I have completed a transcription of Discharge certificate and applications for disability pension for Amos above. Click here to see these records.


62. BERTHA7, according to a Brenda Hastings, she has a marriage certificate for Bertha, at Goshen, NH, dated 15 Mar 1877 that shows her parents as Amos Hastings and Nancy SAWYER, and her birthplace as Newport, NH. A web page entitled Ancestor's of David Neil Bradley, shows Amos' first child to be BERTHA10, b. 9 Aug 1862 at Littleton, NH; m. Henry Byron 15 Mar 1877 at Goshen, NH; d. 24 Aug 1883 at Littleton, NH.

63. JOHN AMOS7 (or JOHN M./JOHN SILAS), see below.

(Children by Nancy Manchester may include Rose and Frank below, per 1860 Census.)

(By Nancy L. SAWYER)
64. CORA MINNIE7, see below

65. NELLIE7.

66. FANNIE7, m. Edwin S. Lockhart on 14 Dec 1892 at Claremont; UCR calls him Edwin S. Lockwood.

67. LILLI7(LILLIE/LILLA D. (UCR)), m. Tracy B. Hart, son of Oliver C. Hart and Mary C. Bingham (Mary's Obit Claremont Advocate 3 May 1918) on 17 Dec 1892 (UCR).

68. NAT7.

69. ROSE7; b. ca 1855?; possibly is the daughter shown as Rosaline age 5 in 1860 Census, b. in NH, this would make her daughter of the first wife Nancy Manchester.

70. FRANK7, b. ca 1857?; possibly is the son Frank shown as age 3 in 1860 Census, b. in NH, this would make her daughter of the first wife Nancy Manchester; the listing for AMOS8 in the HISTORY OF BARNET, VT shows Frank in Texas, at time of publication 1923.

35. ALEXANDER7, son of BENJAMIN B.6; b. 20 Jul 1834 at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH; a farmer living w/ father according to 1850 Census; m. Helen A. Tibbetts.
 71. NELLIE M.8.

 72. LILLIAN F.8.

36. ANDREW JACKSON7, son of BENJAMIN B.6; b. 27 Jun 1836 at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH; living w/ father for 1850 Census; m. Marcia M. Story; Marcia buried at Northville Cemetery lot B48, record shows 1836 to 1863.
73. EUGENE F.8, b. at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH.


37. EDWIN C.7, son of BENJAMIN B.6; b. 20 Mar 1838 at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH; living w/ father for 1850 Census; m. Abbie M. Beman.
75. FRANK C.8.

76. FRED E.8.

77. GRACE8.

42. ELIZA A.7, daughter of BENJAMIN B.6; b. 11 Jul 1848 (seems rather close to LEWIS J.'s DOB, may be an error) at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH; may be the Elvira Ann, age 3, shown with Benjamin in 1850 Census; m. Stephen H. Hurd.

78. DELMER G.8.

44. JAMES L.7, son of BENJAMIN B.6; b. 24 Mar 1850, at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH; (VRs) m. 1st Isabel A. Crowell before 1888; m. 2nd in Newport NH on 29 Nov 1888, 2nd marriage for both, to Jennie E. Bradbury, both residents of Claremont, NH, he age 38, she age 26, with his occupation listed as teamster; Jennie listed as b. at Swanton, VT, to Henry E. Johnson (b. Strafford, VT) and Caroline Roose (b. Swanton, VT); marriage record lists James L.'s father as Benjamin B. Hastings (b. Bethel, Maine) and his mother b. at Goffstown, NH; James L. and Jennie Bradbury were married by Rev. C. W. Flanders at Newport, NH. Another marriage is listed in the Union Church (Claremont) Records for James L., with bride's name unlisted, on 14 Mar 1905. James L. d. 6 Oct 1915 at Windsor, VT (UCR).

79. ISABELL M.8, b. 4 Jul 1889 at Claremont, NH; d. at 1 month, 13 days of age on 17 Aug 1889. (NHVRs)

80. ETHEL A.8, d. 23 Aug 1891 at 10 months, 17 days of age, at Claremont, NH. (NHVRs)

45. SARAH7, daughter of BENJAMIN B.6; m. a Chandler perhaps; buried in Etna, NH. Not shown on Newport NH web site referenced above.
48. JOHN NELSON7, son of WILLIAM6; b. 21 Mar 1838 at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH; m. Mary ; d. 14 Aug 1892 at 54 years, 4 months, 24 days of age of pthisis, buried at Grantham, NH. (NHVRs) Listed as married, a farmer. IGI lists John as a mechanic.
81. GEORGE C.8, b. abt 1865 at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH. 53. ROSILLA SOPHRONIA7, daughter of JONATHAN B.6; b. 6 Jun 1840 at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH; m. Simeon R. Smith.
54. MARTIN VAN BUREN7, son of JONATHAN B.6; b. 2 Jun 1844.
82. FLORENCE R.8, see below. 61.  J. ALBION7, son of JONAS Jr.6, b. 1867 in Cornish, NH; (both marriages found in NHVRs) m. 1st in 1884 at age 17 (occupation-clerk,) to Eva May Colburn (age 17, b. Unity, NH of Freeman W. Colburn, b. Unity and Josephine O. Porter, b. Alstead, NH); m. 2nd at age 23 (occupation-teamster, of Claremont) to Ida May Jorden (Jordon in UCR) of Claremont, age 22, b. at Plainfield (her first marriage) on 28 Aug 1890 at Nashua, NH; her parents listed as Rial Jorden, b. Plainfield, and Laura A. French, b. Unity. 2nd marriage was performed by Stephen L. Halliman, J.P., Nashua, NH, and was reported from Claremont. No children have been located.

63.  JOHN AMOS7(or JOHN M./JOHN SILAS), son of AMOS6; b. about 1852 or 1853 at Island Pond, VT; shown in 1860 Census as age 7 and b. in VT; m. Mary A. BYRON,(b. abt 1858 at Littleton, NH; d. 20 Jul 1887 at Claremont of Phthisis?: History of Littleton, New Hampshire by George C. Furber, 1905 mentions a BERO family that came to Littleton from Canada and one branch that changed name to BYRON) before 1874 ; d. 1893; buried with wife Mary, children and grandchildren at Pleasant St. Cemetery, Claremont, NH, beside Cora Minnie and Edgar E. Lovejoy's grave; Death record at Claremont for Mary Addie Hastings, on 20 July 1887 at age 28 yrs, 10 mos, shows her married, a housewife, b. in Littleton to Oliver Byron and Mary ( ) Byron, both b. in the U.S. Report filed by C.B. Spofford, Town Clerk of Claremont, NH. Cause of death listed as Phthisis.

83. JOHN SILAS8, see below.

84. OLIVER A.8, see below.

85. OPHELIA8, b. 19 Feb 1878 at Goshen, birth certificate lists her as 3rd child of John S. (age 26) and Mary A. (age 20) (Byron) Hastings. This birth certificate lists Cora Lovejoy as the person reporting the birth.

86. EMRI8, see below.

87. CHARLOTTE8, b. 15 Dec 1884 at Claremont; NHVRs for her birth show her father as a laborer, age 37, and shows her as his seventh child. Her mother is shown as Mary Adaline Byron, b. at Littleton, age 26.

88. UNKNOWN8, b. 20 July 1887.

 64.  CORA MINNIE7, daughter of AMOS6;  b. 1 Apr 1865 at Enfield, NH (VRs); m. EDGAR EUGENE LOVEJOY8, on 9 Mar 1881 at Claremont, NH; d.  29 Jul 1947 at Claremont; buried with husband at Pleasant St. Cemetery, Claremont. See Edgar's page for children.

82. FLORENCE R.8, daughter of MARTIN VAN BUREN7;  b. 21 Apr 1866 at Grantham, Sullivan Co., NH; m. Burt Lewis. UCR shows her marriage to "Bertie A.A. Lewis" on 12 Jun 1893.

 83. JOHN SILAS8, son of JOHN AMOS7(JOHN SILAS/JOHN M.),  b. 26 July 1874, m. Orlvina ESOIRR of Claremont (b. abt 1876) on 19 Jan 1894 at Claremont. NHVRs for his birth show his father as John S. and his mother as Addie Byro at Goshen. UCR shows John's8 wife as Delina Esoire on 20 Jan 1894. NHVRs for this marriage show they were both of Claremont, she the dtr of Charles Esoire (b. Canada) and Mary J. Wallace (b. Canada), and that John was 19 yrs old and Delina was 17. The records show John as a papermaker, his father JOHN S.7 born at Island Pond, VT, and his mother Mary A. born at Littleton, NH. They were married by C.U. Dunning, Clergy at Claremont on 12 Jan 1894. Intentions were filed on 19 Jan 1894.
89. WILLIE AUGUSTUS9, b. 18 Jan 1895 at Claremont, NH (NHVRs).

90. RAYMOND E.9, b. 10 Jul 1897 at Monroe, NH (NHVRs); m. Emma Bugbee 16 Aug 1919 (UCR).

91. FRANK R.9, b. after 1897 at Barnet, VT; m. 1920 to Gladys Hill, b. 1901 at Springfield, MA dtr of Pat Hill and Mary Kimball; Frank moved to Charlestown, NH in 1941. (History of Charlestown, NH, 2nd Edition, by M. Frizzell, 1950). Had 2 sons and one dtr.

84. OLIVER A.8, son of JOHN AMOS7(or JOHN M.),  b. abt 1876 at Goshen, NH; m. Lena WATERS (age 17) of Lyman, NH (b. Bath, NH) on 19 Oct 1895 at Waterford, VT; he is listed in marriage certificate as from Littleton, NH. NHVRs for this marriage show Oliver's residence as Littleton, NH and Lena's as Lyman, NH, he was 19, a laborer, and she was 17, at home. His father's residence is shown as Monroe, NH, age 42, a laborer. His mother is listed as dead. Lena is shown as b. at Bath, NH to Henry Waters (b. Lyman, NH, age 45, a laborer) and Emma Williams (b. Lyman, NH, age 40, at home). Intentions were filed on 3 Oct 1895, and they were married by Geo. Rogers, Minister, at Waterford, VT on 9 Oct. 1895.
92. FANNIE9, b. 1 Oct 1897 at Monroe, NH, 1st child of Oliver A. Hastings and Lena Belle Waters (b. Monroe, NH) (NHVRs).  86.  EMRI 8, son of JOHN AMOS7(or JOHN M.),  b. 1880; m. EDITH A. WALTERS abt 1902 (she was b. 1884 and d. 1965); d. 14 Feb 1919 according to UCR, at age 39 years; buried with his parents, his wife and children at Pleasant St. Cemetery, Claremont, NH.
93. HERBERT9, b. 1903; d. 1980; buried with their parents in Claremont. Union Church Records (UCR) show a death for a Herbert Earl on 1 Apr 1908. Possibly the Herbert buried with parents who died in 1980 is the unnamed son below.

94. HARVEY9, b. 23 Dec 1905; d. 17 Feb 1906 (UCR) or 1905 (gravestone); buried with their parents in Claremont.

95. HENRY9, b. 1907; d. 25 Oct 1907 buried with their parents in Claremont. UCR shows a Clarence and a Don born to Emri on 17 Mar 1907. If this is correct, possibly they were triplets.

96. ?9, a daughter, b. 7 Feb 1909 per UCR.

97. ?9, a son, b. 2 Mar 1911 per UCR.


 1.  ROBERT1, son of  ??. It has been suggested that Robert is the son of Walter HASTINGS and grandson of John HASTINGS early settler of Braintree, MA then Cambridge, MA. This seems unlikely if the 12 children shown belonging to Walter in the Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire, by Noyes, Libby and Davis, (hereafter referred to as GDMNH) are correct. No Robert is shown. In the separate entry for Robert in GDMNH, he is shown in Haverhill, MA where he took the oath of fidelity on 28 Nov 1677. Vital Records (VR) for Haverhill show his marriage to Elizabeth DAVIS on 31 Oct 1676. She was the dtr of James2 DAVIS and Elizabeth EATON, b. 11 Mar 1654 in Haverhill, according to the Haverhill Genealogy Page (http://               ).

2. KATHARINE2, b. 8 Nov 1677.

3. ELIZABETH2, b. 3 Jan 1679, m. Joseph Peaslee.

4. ROBERT2, b. 4 Mar 1680/1681 or 1682; m. Elizabeth Bailey, dtr of Joseph2 Bailey, b. 19 Apr 1681 in Bradford, Essex Co., MA.

5. ANNE (ANN)2, b. 15 Oct 1684.

6. GEORGE2, b. 24 Apr 1688.

7. JOHN2, see below.

8. ESTHER2, 19 Jan 1694.


2.  WALTER2, son of JOHN1, b. in England 1631, settled Cambridge, MA, m. (1) Sarah MEAN dtr of stepmother Ann on 10 Apr 1655, who d. 27 Aug 1673, m. (2) Elizabeth Bright dtr of Henry Bright on 23 Jul 1674, she d. 23 Jul 1762, Walter d. 5 Aug 1705.
(by Sarah MEANS)
6. SARAH3,

7. JOHN3,

8. MARY3,


10. HANNAH3,

11. SARAH3,




(by Elizabeth BRIGHT)



17. WALTER3,

1.  JOHN1, son of HENRYE1, b. in England, died 2 Dec 1657, married Ann MEANS. From the Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire, by Noyes, Libby and Davis,( hereafter referred to as GDMNH) the following additional data is provided. Ann was the widow of John MEANS. John HASTINGS settled in Braintree, MA, came over with sons Walter2 and Samuel2, a tanner, a freeman 10 May 1643. He moved to Cambridge, MA. In 1652 had a share in the division of Shawsheen land.
2. WALTER2, see below.

3. SAMUEL2, b. England, m. 12 Nov 1661 to Mary MEAN.

4. ELIZABETH2, b. 2 Jul 1643.

5. JOHN "SEABORN"2, may have born on the way over from England, m. (1) Hannah (possibly MOORE) on 1 Mar 1666, m. (2) Lydia
    CHAMPNEY, dtr of Richard CHAMPNEY, on 20 May 1668 at Cambridge, MA.


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