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 Frantz and Maria Barbara

Frantz was born April 7, 1705 in Muhihofen, Palitine, Germany to Jacob and Anna Margaretha (Kessler) Weiss, Frantz was the eldest of four sons.

Frantz was baptized April 7, 1705 in Muhlhofen, South of Landau in Palatinate

Maria Barbara was born in the year 1713 in Electoral Palatinate, Holy Roman Empire, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, to Hans Martin and Judith (Cughlick) Weiss, Maria Barbars was the fourth of eight children.

Frantz and Maria Barbara were married in Janurary of the year 1733 in Germany.

Frantz and Maria Barbara immigrated to the New World on August 27, 1733.

Frantz and Maria Barbara had eight children:


Johann Jacob Weiss- b. 1733 - d.1826
Johann George Weiss
- b. 1735 - d.
Dorothea Weiss
- b. 1736 - d. 1813
Johannes Weiss
- b. 1739 - d.
Susanna Margaret Weiss
- b. 1740 - d.
Mary Weiss
- b. 1742 - d.
Elizabeth Weiss
- b. 1744 - d.
Catherina Weiss
- b. 1747 - d.

Pioneers of Old Monocacy :
Frantz Weiss arrived on the Ship Elizabeth in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on August 27, 1733 with his wife Maria Barbara Traut whom he married the previous January . Frantz was a Blacksmith by trade. Maria Barbara Traut's three sisters married fellow shipmates of Frantz's (Peter Hoffman, George Friederich Unselt, and Hans Jurigh Ley) Six weeks after Frantz and Maria Barbara's arrival thier son Johann Jacob Weiss was born in the Muddy Creek - Conestoga area southwest of current day Adamstown, in Lancaster Pennsylvina and baptized on December 25, 1733. In 1735 a Johann George Weiss was born and baptized in the Muddy Creek area southwest of current day Adamstown, in Lancaster Pennsylvina. On March 17, 1739 Johanness Weiss was born and baptized on June 17, 1739, althought the records are recorded in in the Muddy Creek area southwest of current day Adamstown, in Lancaster Pennsylvina it is believed that the family had alread moved to Monocacy Area of Maryland. Frantz Weiss first appears in Maryland records in 1736 as a witness in the trial against Robert Debutts. Frantz was naturalized May 03, 1740 with his three oldest children: Mary, Jacob, and Elizabeth. In 1742 he also signed the pettition to divide Prince Georges Parish. On July 28, 1746 Daniel dulaney conveyed 206 acres along current day Gas House Pike, Frederick, MD to Frantz which was to be named "Striff" by Frantz. Frantz and Maria Barbara were members of the Calvinist (Reformed) Church of Frederick, Maryland. Frantz and Maria Barbara's daughter Catherina was baptized in the Reformed Church in February of 1747. Frantz appointed brother's-in-Law and former shipmates George Friederich Unselt, and Hans Jurigh Ley as executors of his will (written in german but never recorded) and gaurdians of his eight children. His will also mentioned his brother Peter Weiss and neice Margaretha (daughter of Abraham, both of whome were living with him), and a contribution for benches to the Calvinist (Reformed) Church in Frederick, Maryland. "Striff Plantation" was later conveyed by Hans Jurigh Ley on March 20, 1760 to Christian Brengel (dying shortly after acquiring the property)


Franta died in April of the year 1751 at teh age of forty-six.

Maria Barbara dies in the year 1751 at the age of thirty-eight.