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Benningís Brigade


2nd Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment

15th Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment

17th Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment

20th Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment





I expect to be writing again in the March-April 2007 timeframe, but for publication rather than web consumption. There will be no more updates to the website, but I don't expect to remove anything that is posted here, either. The institutions in Georgia have been scoured for primary source material, several generous individuals have shared their private collections, and numerous newspapers have been picked. I have a lot of material, and what is posted here will face substantial revision and correction prior to publishing.


The creator of this website has a life long interest in the American Civil War, or the War for Southern Independence, depending on oneís perspective.My interest in this particular unit piqued at an early age, when I discovered that the same men who defended Burnsideís Bridge at Sharpsburg captured Devilís Den at Gettysburg, nailing down the spotlight at two of the historical locales that fascinated the teenaged version of me the most. Unable to find a satisfactory history of any of the brigade's constituent units, I began casually researching this unit, I find myself here, creating what I think a good unit history should be, "doing a better job" as my wife suggested.


As time permits, I am actively researching and writing.I have identified a fair amount of archival material, most of which is not conveniently accessible to me.As such, posted portions of this history will change and grow as additional sources are researched.I will try to keep revision lists for the chapters.Additional information in the form of letters, diaries, etc from men connected to this brigade or their families are most welcome and additional information will be added to the history.


I am writing this as a way of sharing my love of history.What is written and posted is intended to be shared.That being said, when (if?) this history is ever complete, itíll be the size of a fairly large book, available at no cost to you.If you enjoy what you read and think it is something you would have happily purchased, please say thanks by making a donation to, or joining, a Civil War battlefield preservation organization, such as the Civil War Preservation Trust (www.civilwar.org), Central Virginia Battlefield Trust (www.cvbt.org) or other similar group.Just another way to help preserve the history these men helped create.


All information contained in this website is copyrighted by the site owner.





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