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Colors and Patterns of the Old-Style Siamese, Part I
Hi, my name is Blaise!
I am going to tell you about the Old-Style Siamese colors.

You probably wonder why they picked me to tell the story this time. Maybe you don’t even think I am an Old-Style Siamese. But I am! I am a red point Old-Style Siamese. Red point is my color.

Red point Old-Style Siamese like me are fairly common, but a lot of people have never heard about us.  That’s why I’m here today—to teach you about all the common colors of my breed. That includes the colors everyone knows about as well as some colors most people don’t know about. If I teach you, then you can teach your friends. That way pretty soon a lot more people will know about red points. They will know right away when they see red points like me that we are Old-Style Siamese. That will make all of us red points happy and proud.

But let’s start with the color that everyone knows best, the seal point Old-Style Siamese. The cat to the left is a seal point. She is four years old in the photo. Seal points have brownish black points and a beige body. During kittenhood, the beige body is almost white and only a little bit beige. The body color darkens with age. Some seal points darken more than others. Seal is the color and the points are where the color is darkest. The points are the face, ears, tail, and paws.

The blue point is another fairly well known Siamese color. Blue point Old-Style Siamese have gray points, a very light grayish white body, and of course blue eyes. The blue point  to the right has the flash from a camera reflecting from her eyes; Otherwise you would see they were blue. Like seal points, blue point kittens have nearly white bodies, but their bodies darken as they get older.

The chocolate point (left) is just what it sounds like. Chocolate point Old- Style Siamese have chocolate colored points and an ivory body. As chocolate points get older, their bodies may darken until there are shadows of pale chocolate on the body. But the points will always be a much darker chocolate than the body. Like all Siamese, chocolate points have blue eyes.This chocolate point is a boy cat. He is only about a year old in the photo. In cat years that means he is about as old as a teenage human. He loves to scratch and scratch on his scratching post! He also likes to eat, to play, and to take long naps in his owner’s lap.

The lilac point is the color shown to the right. Lilac point Old-Style Siamese have very white bodies and pale lavender-gray points. I bet you already guessed that lilac points have blue eyes because all Siamese have blue eyes. The big cat in this picture is a lilac point. His name is Pinkerton. The little kitten next to Pinkerton is his friend, but he is not a lilac point. He is a chocolate point. It might be a bit hard for you to tell the colors apart in pictures. If you look carefully, you will see the lilac point has a slightly paler, more lavender-gray look. The little chocolate point has browner points than the lilac point has.

It might help you learn to tell the difference between the four well known Siamese colors if you can see them all side by side. Here they are!

Top left corner: seal.

Top right corner: chocolate.

Bottom left corner: blue.

Bottom right corner: lilac.

Hurray! Now I get to talk about red points. Red point Old-Style Siamese are fairly common, but a lot of people have never heard about us red points. Here I am in the photo to the left. I am five months old. That means my point color has not darkened yet. The color in red points is very slow to darken, much slower than in seal points. You can see my nose is very pink. The short fur on the bridge of my nose is also pink. When I am older, the pale pink color will be much more obvious. It will darken to pinkish orange all over my paws, tail, and ears.

As you can see, my body is very white. I’m just like a redheaded human person. My skin sunburns easily!

You can see my eyes are blue. You knew they would be blue, didn’t you? Because I am a genuine Old-Style Siamese! Sometimes a white cat that is not a Siamese can also have blue eyes. But only a genuine red point Siamese will have pinkish orange fur on the top of his nose and also have blue eyes!

The shape of my body and head also tell you that I am a Siamese. See how my ears are somewhat large? See how my legs are long and my head forms a rounded wedge? Can you see also that my eyes are shaped like almonds? A good Old-Style Siamese looks like I do! Ha, ha! Not that I’m proud or anything.

The cream point is the last color I will tell you about. I don’t have a picture to show you of a cream point, but I can describe them. A cream point Old-Style Siamese is exactly like a red point, except for one thing. The color of the points on a cream point cat is even paler. A cream point kitten would look like a pure white cat, but a cream point adult would darken as he got older until you could see the pale cream color on his points.

In the next Kitten Diary I will tell you about lynx points and tortie points. Those are not actually colors. They are special patterns that rearrange the seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, and cream colors in interesting ways.

In the mean time, don’t forget to tell everyone you know about red points. See my beautiful tail?  LOOK! —>

Not that I’m proud or anything.

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