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  • A few suggestions:
    1. Copy newspaper clippings onto acid-free paper. If you're saving clippings, make sure the name of the newspaper and the date of the clipping is also saved.
    2. Look for archival quality materials for storage.
    3. Label your photos and documents. Do it safely (not in pen on a photo, etc.), but DO IT!. The location, date and occasion of the photo are important, as well as the names of the people in it.
    4. Digitize your important photographs and documents. Scan your photos at at least 300 dpi resolution and save them in a TIF format, not compressed. From there, smaller files can be created for use on web pages or other documents. Back-ups should be made regularly and stored in a safe place.
    5. If you have a large collection that you don't know what to do with, consider giving it to a local archival collection. Many universities and libraries will accept and professionally care for your documents, and will make them available, with your permission, to other researchers.

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