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Family Data

Here you will find my genealogical NOTES. Please remember that while all of my facts have sources, many are secondary and have not been verified.

The family trees and group sheets displayed here only contain the most basic information. In addition to the family trees, I have included Descendants Reports that contain source information and additional data. Data for living individuals has not been included in the interest of privacy.

If you have additional information, especially from primary sources, please contact me.

  • Name Index for Family Trees and Group Sheets, including photos
  • Genealogical data, including additional facts, posted at
  • Gephart Family Descendants Reports
    • Ballard - Jesse Ballard and Mary Cooper, North Carolina, Ohio, and Hamilton County, Indiana
    • Gephart - Samuel Gephart and Sarah Leffler, Ohio and Greenfield, Indiana
    • Hughes - Harrison Hughes and Mary Ann Prather, Kentucky and Putnam County, Indiana
    • Jones - Jacob Jones and Matilda Chappell, North Carolina and Henry County, Indiana
    • Main - Christopher Main and Mahala Johnson, New York, Kentucky, and Henry County, Indiana
    • Martin - Owens H. Martin and Margaret Ross, Kentucky, and Owen County, Indiana
    • McCormick - William Henry Harrison McCormick and Katherine Drennen, Delaware County, Indiana
    • Richartz - John Richartz and Catherina Stock, Germany, Vigo and Delaware Counties, Indiana
    • Slifer - George Slifer and Susan Strunk, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Greenfield, Indiana
    • Thomas - Timothy Thomas and Mary Ellen Davis, Hamilton County, Ohio and Dearborn County, Indiana
    • Wilson - Charles H. Wilson and Julia Ann Austin, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware County, Indiana
  • Thal Family Descendants Reports
    • Blumberg - Berle Blumberg and Bayla Ockter, Sassmacken and Talsen, Courland, Russia
    • Gettleson - Nehemiah and Hanna Gettleson, Mitau, Courland, Russia
    • Herburger - John Herburger and Juliana Schlegel, Wuerttemberg, Germany
    • Hoseason - Jacob and Lyba Hoseason, Courland, Russia
    • Long - Jacob Long and Catherine Friedly, Pennsylvania and Ogle County, Illinois
    • Megaw - Samuel D. Megaw and Nancy Margaret Millar, Cullybackey, Antrim, Northern Ireland
    • Miller - Peter Miller and Margaret Cameron, Cullybackey, Antrim, Northern Ireland
    • Pinney - Abraham Pinney and Sarah Griffith, Connecticut, New York and Gallia County, Ohio
    • Richman - Samuel Richman and Hannah Atlas, Bartfeld, Hungary
    • Schwartz - Simon Schwartz and Hannah Newman, Hungary
    • Stover - John Stover and Mollie Dierdorff, Pennsylvania and Ogle County, Illinois
    • Thal - Moses Thal and Sara Levin, Sassmacken and Talsen, Courland, Russia
    • Wiseman - George Wiseman and Mary George, Gallia County, Ohio
    • Zollinger/Sollinger - Phillip Zollinger and Katharina Schmidt, Bavaria, Germany

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