The Puffy Heart Pendant Tutorial

Part One: The Glass Heart

To begin with, it helps to place your square marver on top of a metal cannister. It's so much easier to see what you're doing at this level.

Place a gather of glass on the end of a mandrel.

Add glass to form a cone.

Help shape the glass into a cone by marvering.

Your finished cone should look something like this.

The glass should be distributed around the mandrel as evenly as possible. Looking at it from this angle it should have a perfectly round circumference.

Hold it upside down to make sure the top of the cone is flat, otherwise it will rise up in the next step and touch the bead release on the marver.

Heat the cone, then gently flatten at a 45 degree angle.

Note that paddle is NOT parallel to the marver during this process.

Create the heart's center cleavage by first concentrating a medium flame on the center for about 15 seconds.

Remove the heart from the flame, rest it on marver, then rock a palette knife through the heated spot you just made. Careful! Don't cut all the way to the mandrel!

Let that side cool, then make the other cleavage on opposite side.

When finished, the top view should look like this. Except your bead release will be undisturbed, right?

Now let's enlist the aid of our good friend, Gravity. With the heart bottom (pointy end) towards the ceiling, alternate holding each hemisphere in the flame to achieve maximum puff.

Sharpen the end point by marvering towards the point.

Side view shows puffiness.

Part Two: The Eyepin

Wrap 1.5 inches of 22 gauge wire around needle nose pliers.

Make a loop.

Twist the wires together. Trim length as necessary.

Dip the twisted wire into two-part jeweler's epoxy.

Place in hole.


This tutorial was originally composed for and published in Volume 3 of Corina Tettinger's "Spotlight On..." publication. This unabrigded, on-line version is presented by its originator, Jinx Garza. Please send questions and comments to: .