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Bay Head Fire Company










Clam Bake

Established 1913





The town we serve and protect.

Bay Head's two-word name resulted from a typographical error. It was meant to be Bayhead, named for the Bayhead Land Co., organized by three Princeton bankers. But when the railroad station sign was hung in the early 1880s, it read Bay Head. And so, Bay Head was incorporated in 1886.

 It is a town of distinct individuality, Bay Head has been called by some "the crown jewel" of the strand of beaches that constitutes Barnegat Beach Island. The timeless beauty of this small country village by the sea is both elegant and casual, creating a mystique that has endured for generations. It is a safe haven in which to raise a family and pursue both land and sea activities. Since the late 1800's Bay Head has been the favorite vacation place for those who enjoy a certain kind of quiet, a relaxing yet friendly way of life.