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(last updated: November 2000)

Three times now we've been able to visit Europe with friends/members of our Culinary Guild.  These "Euroculinaire" excursions have taken us to Florence, Venice, Rome, Naples and Paris so far (along with many wonderful smaller places).  Below are various notes on the food we enjoyed and the places we've stayed.  For us a smokefree environment is an extremely important factor so there's a fair amount of info on that topic along with food & pictures & such...

Smoke free world

A resource for restaurants etc. that are smoke free.  Very helpful in planning our last trip.


This is where we stayed with friends in Florence in the fall of 2000

Villa Molinaccio 

This is where we stayed with friends in Florence in the fall of 1995

Le Campora

This is where we stayed with friends in Florence in the spring of 1998

Hotels/apartments of our 2000 vacation

A list of places we stayed with commentary on smokiness, friendliness & other important issues.

Restaurant notes from our 2000 vacation

A list of some of the places we ate with commentary on smokiness & such.

A Week of Food in Bruges & Paris 1998  

JL & I both had an extra week of vacation for our Spring 1998 trip, so we told our spouses to meet us in Italy and headed off to see Bruges & Paris for a few days.  This is a record of the interesting foods we encountered during our stay.  -Eden

Tour di Gelati 2000  

The complete(ish) list of Gelatos sampled by the Euroculinaire travellers in 2000

Tour de Gelato 1995  

An article Bill wrote in 1995 re the Gelato's we enjoyed in Italy.

JL's photos of our trips to Europe  

Our favorite restaurant in Venice