Peasants Revel 2012

Saturday August 11th, 2012  

The Madrone Culinary Guild Presents  

The 33rd Annual

Peasants Revel  

Come join the ancient rivalry between Borton on Water and Sodbury, our peasant villages, as they once again compete to show their worth. This is event is so fun we’ve done it 32 times!  

Fun! - The day will be packed with fun outdoor peasant games: Spit in the Bucket, Cheese rolling, Wet Rag on a Stick, Turnip Harvest, Sheep Carry*, Hopping Tag, and many more!

peasant games

Relaxing! - no responsibilities, no meetings, no court, no setup, no packing. Only a simple peasant costume and you’re there (grass stains are optional). Sit in the shade. Talk to friends.


Free! - no site fee, no non-member surcharge. (A simple peasant stew and accompaniements  will be available for dinner around 5ish – a steal at only $3). 

Nearby! - no long commute. David Rodger’s park is on Queen Anne hill in Seattle at 1st Ave W and W Raye St. (a block west of Queen Anne Ave). You could even bus there. 

Details - Setup begins at 11am, rain or shine; the games commence at Noon, peasant dinner around 5ish . Bring your own dishes and something to drink. Alcohol is prohibited as the site is a public park.   

The best event of the year - don’t miss out! 

Peasants Lounging

*Due to the presence of "sheep" onsite a special ovine waiver may be required

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