Prophecies from chapters 2, 7, and 8
2 "The dream is true and the ______________ is trustworthy." (2:45)
6 What did the beast look like that had four heads and four wings? (7:6)
7 Who was the king when Daniel had the vision of a ram and a goat? (8:1)
9 The goat was the king of what country? (8:21)
1 A stern-faced king will arise when the rebels become completely what? (8:23)
3 "the beast that crushed and devoured its victims
and __________ underfoot whatever was left." (7:19)
4 The statue was awesome in what? (2:31)
5 The belly and thighs of the statue were made of what? (2:32)
8 What was the goat like? (8:21)
2i n 3t e r p r e t 4a t i o n
r p c
a 5b p k
m r e e
p 6l e o p a r d
l n r
7b e l 8s h a z z a r
d h e n
a c
9g r e e c e
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