Are you a Family Feud fan too? Even a lot of kids are familiar with this show. And if not, they still catch on pretty fast. It is a great game to see how well they paid attention to a Bible book you have studied.

Playing Family Feud:

During each team round: One person from each team comes up. The emcee tells what the category is. The first of the two to respond guesses for the top answer on the list. If the first person did not get the top answer, the second guesses once to try to get a higher answer. The winner gets to choose whether their team plays or passes to the other team to play. The team that plays guesses until they get all the answers or they get three strikes. If there are still answers left, then the other team can steal the points by getting one of the remaining answers. It is referred to as “Sweeping the board” if a team gets all the answers.

What I have included here are results of Bible surveys. The TV game show goes out and surveys one hundred people about some question (What food would you take on a picnic?) and then puts the top responses on the board. My methodology was to come up with categories or questions to research in a Bible book or the entire Bible and find out what the top answers were. I will not include all possible answers. For instance if the category were people mentioned in 1st Kings. There are certain people (Saul, David) who would be mentioned many times, possibly hundreds. There would also be many people who are only mentioned once or twice. The total list of people would run into the hundreds. To limit it to the top five or six, I might choose some cutoff (maybe all those mentioned more than 20 times).

The lists below will show Categories, the associated book of the Bible, the version, the prompting statement, and the top answers with their number of responses. Sometimes I will put in parentheses any extra answers that folded in to one (Such as counting rams and ewes as sheep rather than as separate answers). In that case, I would count any of those answers the same. I used various search programs to get the number of responses. Though most of my puzzles are in NIV, a lot of these are New American Standard because I have a search program for that version.

You can help! These lists all have spreadsheets backing them up. I tried to think of all the possibilities, but naturally I could miss something. Many items do not appear on this list simply because they do not rate. But if you think there is something missing that should be rated among the top, please drop me a line at (mentioning puzzle in the subject line). Thanks.

People. Genesis. NASB "Name a person from Genesis"
Abraham (Abram), 191 (If you separated the two names they would be 128, 63, but they are the same person)
Jacob, 188
Joseph, 161
Pharaoh, 89
Isaac, 83
Esau, 77

Animals. Genesis. NASB "Name a type of animal from Genesis"
Sheep (lamb, ewe, ram), 34
Birds (Dove, pigeon, raven), 33
Camel, 24
Donkey, 22
Cattle (bull, oxen, heifer, cow), 22
Goat, 17

Colors. Entire Bible. NASB "Name a color from the Bible"
Red (scarlet, crimson), 111
White, 76
Purple (violet), 60
Blue, 43
Green, 34
Black, 21
Gray, 15

Rivers. Entire Bible. NASB "Name a river from the Bible"
Jordan, 197
Nile, 47
Euphrates, 30
Arnon, 25

Non-divine Kings. Entire Bible. NASB "Besides the Lord, name a king from the Bible"
David, 1062
Saul, 394
Solomon, 299
Hezekiah, 129
Ahab, 94
Nebuchadnezzar, 91

Insects. Entire Bible. NASB "Name a type of insect from the Bible"
Locust, 45
Worm, 12
Scorpion, 11
Flies, 10
Moth, 10
Gnat, 7
Grasshopper, 5

Birds. Entire Bible. NASB "Name a type of bird from the Bible"
Dove, 31
Eagle, 24
Turtledove, 15 (or add to dove for 46 total)
Rooster, 13 (or add hens and chicks for 16 total)
Pigeon, 12

Weapons. Genesis. NASB "Name a type of weapon from Genesis"
Sword, 6
Bow, 4
Knife, 2
Quiver, 1 (you may add quiver to bow for 5)

People. Ruth. NASB "Name a person from Ruth"
Naomi, 21
Boaz, 20
Ruth, 12
Elimelech, 6

People. Acts. NIV "Name a person from Acts"
Paul (Saul), 210 (If you separated the two names they would be 179, 31)
Peter (Simon), 80
Jesus, 75
Barnabas, 29
Moses, 23
Philip, 18
Silas, 17

City. Acts. NIV "Name a city from Acts"
Jerusalem, 60
Caesarea, 17
Antioch (Syrian), 13
Damascus, 13
Ephesus, 10
Joppa, 10

Animals. Acts. NIV "Name an animal from Acts"
Snake/viper, 3
Birds, 2
Sheep/lamb, 2
Wolves, 1
Bull, 1

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