1. Some Crossword border lines are not visible - Screen resolution does not seem to match up perfectly with some thin lines in the crosswords. The screen look is why I have started using thicker borders. But even if they are not visible on the screen, the lines are coded into the webpage. This means that the lines will show up when you print the puzzles.

2. Production schedule - I have been concentrating on adding the game show pages lately, but if you have a request for a puzzle, ask. I might be able to help.

3. Making puzzles - If you want to make puzzles, I can offer a few hints. I make all these puzzles in spreadsheets. The columns and rows can be formatted to similar sizes that allow decent looking puzzles. You are welcome to use one of mine as a template. If you have a recent version of Excel, crosswords can be formatted easily. To format multiple words at a time with borders, simply highlight the first word, then hold down the Ctrl key while highlighting other words. That way you can click on format once for the whole group.

4. Version - All quotations are taken from the New International Version of the Bible. This site is primarily aimed at youth. In my experience as a Sunday School teacher and Christian school parent, the majority of kids have and use the NIV. My opinion is that the NIV is a very readable and usable translation. That makes it great for getting God's word into the heart of our youth. On the practical side, I have been involved with Bible Challenge and we use NIV as the standard for competition so that everybody is working from the same answers and memory verses. Recently I have checked over a few of the puzzles to see if they are compatible with the NIrV. I have marked those that are compatible.

5. About the Author - Don Crownover attends the church of Christ in Keizer, Oregon. Feel free to visit our congregation if you are ever in the area. The people are friendly and have a respect for God's word. If you are searching for a church home, feel free to ask and I will see if I have any contacts that can help you in your area.

6. Privacy - No personal information is collected by this site. All that is collected is the number of hits to the index pages. I only find out email addresses if you choose to write me.

7. Price and Subject - These crossword and word search puzzles were created for elementary age Sunday school classes. They are free for download or printing for personal and non-commercial educational use. They are all Copyright 1999-2008 by Don Crownover. Just open a puzzle and print it and it is ready for someone to try. I am gradually adding more puzzles. If you need some that you can't find here, let me know and I might be able to help. If you want to include any of my Bible puzzles in a publication that generates revenue, I would expect you to work out an agreement with me as to what I would receive. They are copyrighted! If you would like me to make a puzzle for a newsletter or event on some topic other than the Bible, contact me. Ten bucks would probably get you a puzzle. Bible puzzles are free, unless you are going to make money in the process. If I make a new Bible puzzle for you, it will then be posted to this website.

8. Problems - Please let me know of anything you notice that needs work. I can not solve a problem I do not know about. If a page in the site is messed up or unavailable; if a Bible passage is mis-cited, mis-quoted, or mis-represented; if you have any user-side problems with the website - let me know. I have some experience as a computer help person and can seek Comcast's help on some problems.

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