Genesis 6 - Preparing for the Flood
Word Search
Noah was a ______________ man. (verse 9)
God said of the people, "I am surely going to _______ both
them and the earth." (verse 13)
Because of the floodwaters, "Everything on
earth will __________." (verse 17)
How many sons did Noah have? (verse 10)
Because of wickedness, the Lord was ___________ that he
had made men. (verse 6)
The kind of boat Noah was to build. (verse 14)
God would wipe out men and __________. (verse 7)
God would make a _________ with Noah. ( verse 18)
"Now the earth was corrupt in God's sight and
was full of ___________." (verse 11)
These men were on the earth in those days. (verse 4)
God told Noah "You are to take every kind of ______ that is
to be eaten." (verse 21)
d e s t r o y a
n e p h i l i m
j c o b g m x g
c a r k h z a r
o n f i t t y i
v i o l e n c e
e m o h o r e v
n a d s u i b e
a l p l s q s d
n s p e r i s h
t h r e e d g i
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