Mark 3 and 4
Word Search
What plants grew up and choked the seeds that fell among them? (Mark 4:7)
On what did Jesus say we would put a lamp? (Mark 4:21)
Why was Jesus angry and deeply distressed with some people? Because they had ________ hearts. (Mark 3:5)
Who fell down at Jesus' feet after he left Capernaum and said "You
are the Son of God"? _______ spirits. (Mark 3:11,see footnote)
When some people said that Jesus was possessed by _________,
Jesus asked "How can Satan drive out Satan?" (Mark 3:22-23)
The teachers of the law from Jerusalem accused Jesus at Capernaum of having an evil  ______. (Mark 3:30)
What were Jesus and the disciples in when he calmed the storm? (Mark 4:35-41)
How did people respond when Jesus asked if it was better to do
good or evil on the Sabbath? They remained ______. Mark 3:4)
What did the farmer sow on the various soils? (Mark 4:1-8)
The mustard seed was small, but grew into the largest plant in the ______. (Mark 4:32)
When they were in a boat during a storm, the disciples asked
Jesus "Teacher, don't you care if we _____?" (Mark 4:35-38)
Bonus word: scribes
o y w s s l s d f q
g u i t t w i b t u
t s k u n c l e a n
h p o b r s e e d s
o i e b g r n l c c
r r b o a t t z s r
n i f r r a i e h i
s t a n d y g b y b
h v d e e j p u n e
d r o w n m c b l s
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