Mark 15 and 16
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Joseph, who asked for the body of Jesus, was from what city? (Mark 15:43)
What was the day before Sabbath called? (Mark 15:42)
While on the cross who did some of the bystanders think Jesus was calling out to? (Mark 15:35f)
Who said, "Surely this man was the Son of God!"? (Mark 15:39)
A stone was rolled against what part of the tomb? (Mark 15:46)
What did they call the place Jesus was crucified? (Mark 15:22)
What did the angel in the tomb say Jesus had done? (Mark 16:6)
Who did Jesus appear to first after his resurrection? (Mark 16:9)
The written notice of the charge against Jesus said he was king of who? (Mark 15:26)
Who was the man from Cyrene who was forced to carry the cross for Jesus? (Mark 15:21)
Who appeared to two walking in the country, then to the eleven while they were eating? (Mark 16:12 & 14)
c p u e r g s c p
a r i m a t h e a
w e l i j a h n t
h p y b k r x t q
o a n m j e s u s
k r i s e n f r y
m a r y w d j i i
s t a t s i m o n
r i z u v s c n d
g o l g o t h a b
e n t r a n c e l
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