Mark 1 and 2
3 John said that someone more important was to follow him. He also
said that he (John) was not worthy to untie Jesus' what? (Mark 1:7)
4 Those wanting to be ________ by John were expected
to confess their sins. (Mark 1:5)
5 What kind of work did Peter, Andrew, James and John do?
They were what? (Mark 1:16)
8 What did Jesus and His disciples do on the Sabbath that upset
the Pharisees? They picked some what? (Mark 2:23-24)
9 When Jesus came to be baptized by John, where did he come from? (Mark 1:9)
1 When Jesus told the paralyzed man his sins were forgiven, what
did the teachers of the law think Jesus was doing? (Mark 2:5-7)
2 In what city was a palsied man brought to Jesus but could not
reach Him because of the great crowd? (Mark 2:1-3)
5 When a paralyzed man was lowered through a hole in a roof to see Jesus, what
was the first thing Jesus said to him? "Son, your sins are ________."(Mark 2:5)
6 What happened to Jesus in the desert? He was tempted by whom? (Mark 1:13)
7 What did Jesus do in the synagogue at Capernaum that the
people thought he did as one having authority? (Mark 1:21-22)
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