Are you a Pyramid fan too? Pyramid allows for some wild categories and fun. Too bad the TV version is no longer in production (but there are reruns on PAX).

Playing Pyramid:

Each game is made up of two kinds of rounds. First is a round where two teams of two compete. Then once there is a winning pair, that pair goes in to the winner's circle.

In the initial play there are two teams of two. The teams take turns picking a category from the six on the pyramid. When a team takes a category, one member gives clues and the other guesses. The clues can describe the item, be an antonym or synonym. The clue-giver can use their hands. For instance they can indicate it is big or tall or wiggle. They can not use the words in their descriptions. There will be twenty seconds to try to get the six answers. Then the other team takes a turn.

If after the six categories, there is a tie, the teams each get a letter. As one of the members gives clues, the other member tries to guess the items that begin with that letter. Each time a team gets a new category they switch who is giving clues and who is guessing.

Once there is a winner, that team moves in to the winner's circle. The person who will be guessing has their back to where the categories will be. The other person can only list examples from the category. They may not describe it or use their hands. For instance if the category was American presidents, the person could list Lincoln, Washington, Roosevelt, etc. but could not say "runs our country" or use their hand to salute. They have sixty seconds to guess the six categories.

During any of the rounds, the players can pass, go to the next, and come back after going through the rest.

Below are possible words to use in Letter play offs.

P, Paul, Patriarchs, Pentecost, Persecute, Passover, Paralytic, Palace, Peace, Party, Philip, Pharisee, Pilate, Plot, Power, Praise, Prayer, Preach, Price, Priscilla, Prince, Prisoner, Proconsul, Property, Proof, Psalms, Prophet, Puzzled, Punish, Public

R, Race, Rain, Receive, Read, Reason, Regiment, Red, Region, Release, Reject, Remember, Repent, Rescue, Resurrection, Rest, Righteous, Riot, Roman, Rudders, Roof, Room, Run

S, Sabbath, Sacrifices, Sadducees, Sail, sailors, saints, salvation, Samaria, Samuel, Sanctified, Sanhedrin, Scriptures, Scrolls, Secure, Seek, Send, Servant, Seven, Shadow, Sharp, sheep, sheet, ship, shrine, sick, short, signs, Silas, silence, silversmith, Simeon, Sincere, Sins, Simon, Slave, Sky, Snake, Soldiers, Solomon, Sorcerer, Sound, spearmen, speech, Spirit, Spend, Stephen, Stand, Stay, storm, story, straight, stone, strangled, Street, Strength, Stretch, Strict, Suffer, Supply, survive, Suspense, Swim, Sword, Synagogue, Syria

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