I have been playing a game with the kids in my class that yours might like if they have been studying a book of the Bible by chapters. We call it "Tune that Name". Obviously a take-off on the old "Name that Tune" TV show. I created a 'tuner dial' with a mark for each chapter in the book. And a 'tuner', just a pointer for the kids to point at the chapter they are guessing. A couple of years ago I just used a piece of butcher paper I put on the white board, then a pointer made out of a cereal box that can slide along the bottom of the whiteboard. Later I made a tuner and dial out of wood, which I painted. Elaborate or easy, the kids still enjoy it.

To play, I find a person, place or event in the book and they have to guess the chapter. The clue needs to be a person, place, or event that is only found once in the book. For instance (if studying Acts), I would say "Stephen was stoned in this chapter." The first contestant (two contestants per round) would say "I can guess that chapter in six guesses" (the most I allow). The second could say a lower number. They go back and forth until one says "Tune that Name" to their opponent. The lowest they can go is one. Then the person on whom it was dropped, starts guessing, up to the number of guesses they allowed themselves. The purpose is to encourage them to become familiar with the flow of the book. They should be able to think in terms of certain events came before or after others and reason their way to getting close to the right chapter. If you try it let me know how they like it.

To play the game different times about the same book, just vary your description of an event. For instance one week you might ask about Jesus' triumphal entry. Another week you can phrase it as Jesus rides into Jerusalem on a donkey. You can also quote their memory verses to them to see if they remember where it was found (the citation).

Making a dial that can go up to 50 chapters will allow you to use one board to play all but three books (Psalms, Isaiah, and Jeremiah, which you would likely not play this game with anyway). To help you get started here are listings of events in several books. The events are listed in chapter order in case you need to limit your questions to a portion of the book that you have studied. Please jump around within that list so the kids don't know where you will be on the next turn. If you spot events that are found in a book more than once, please let me know. If you would like to contribute lists of events for books, or just a few additions, I would appreciate it greatly.

To play the game a single player at a time, simply give each person a set number of guesses to try to get the correct chapter. This way each kid can try their hand at getting the answers.

Events for 1st Samuel

Events for the Gospel of Luke

Events for the Gospel of John

Events for the Acts of the Apostles

Events for the Revelation of John

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