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Bill Jones Bikini Ban on Golden Beaches
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 Scuba Guy's Photo of Malaysia Beach
Terengganu, Malaysia.  The number of SCUBA divers and tourists visiting resorts has declined by almost 30% during the three months since Muslim fanatics issued another Bikini Ban in Malaysia.   The hard-line Islamic state government ordered sunbathers on its golden beaches to cover themselves up and dress more modestly!  Houston area divers should be aware that Bikini's and Speedo's are still OK on the Spree, the Fling,  Blue Lagoon, Lake Travis, and Canyon Lake.

The order for divers and beach-goers to cover up could not have come at a worse time, just two days before the October 12 bombing attacks in Bali's Kuta nightclub district.  Abdul Kadir, a government spokesman for the state's tourism industry, confirmed that the terrorist bombing coupled with the Bikini Ban "have had a profound effect on the country's economy".  Tourism is one of Malaysia's top three industries.

On a more positive note, Abdul Hadi Awang, the state's chief minister and leader of Malaysia's Islamist party (PAS), has begun toning down the message because of the economic pressures.  In a December press conference, he said: "In isolated places, as in the beaches where women and 'husbands' want to enjoy themselves, it is OK " …to wear less modest clothing.

Resorts all over South East Asia have seen serious declines in SCUBA divers and tourism since the terrorist attacks on Bali, in neighboring Indonesia.  Expect to see some reduction in SCUBA package pricing in these areas this summer.

Editor Note:  Bill Jones, The Scuba Guy, is a PADI Master Instructor and a Published and Award-Winning Writer

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